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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 99671 packages here.
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2017-02-28 argparse-autogen 1.1 Parser with automatic creation of parsers and subparsers for paths.
2017-02-28 radical.pilot 0.45 The RADICAL pilot job framework (
2017-02-28 IBMQuantumExperience 0.1.9 The official SDK to use IBM Quantum Experience in Python.
2017-02-28 metakernel 0.19.0 Metakernel for Jupyter
2017-02-28 rpi_ws281x 2.0.4 Userspace Raspberry Pi PWM library for WS281X LEDs.
2017-02-28 aiopogo 1.2 Asynchronous Pokemon API lib
2017-02-28 WeixunSDKCore 0.1.20170228.1807 WeixunSDKCore
2017-02-28 qsctl 1.3.1 Advanced command line tool for QingStor.
2017-02-28 oriole-service 1.2.0 Rapidly create services.
2017-02-28 chem_gm Graph Machine Application Programming Interface
2017-02-28 inspire-schemas 26.0.0 Inspire JSON schemas and utilities to use them.
2017-02-28 GridCal 1.35 Research Oriented electrical simulation software.
2017-02-28 Superdesk-Core 1.6.1 Superdesk Core library
2017-02-28 pluckpy 0.1 A random test lib
2017-02-28 qingstor-sdk 2.1.1 The official QingStor SDK for the Python programming language.
2017-02-28 apidev-coop_bar 1.3.3 Pluggable admin bar system , works well with coop_cms
2017-02-28 senpy 0.8.1 A sentiment analysis server implementation. Designed to be extensible, so new algorithms and sources can be used.
2017-02-28 mri_meta_extract 1.3.14 Extract meta-data from DICOM and NIFTI files
2017-02-28 python-textops 0.2.14 Python text operations module
2017-02-28 cf-configuration-exporter 0.0.2 Simple utility to generate a configuration manifest from a live CloudFoundry installation
2017-02-28 plone.patternslib 1.0 An add-on to make patternslib patterns available within Plone 5.
2017-02-28 lazy-consul 0.1.2 Lazy client library for the Consul Key/Value store
2017-02-28 sanic-limiter 0.1.2 Provides rate limiting features for Sanic. Supports in-memory, redis and memcache as storage.
2017-02-28 wxpy 0.1.0 微信个人号 API,基于 itchat,告别满屏 dict,更有 Python 范儿
2017-02-28 pyravendb This is the official python client for RavenDB document database
2017-02-28 cmsplugin-yandex-maps 0.4.2 Rich functionality Yandex Maps plugin for Django-CMS
2017-02-28 h2 2.6.0 HTTP/2 State-Machine based protocol implementation
2017-02-28 jumpserver-python-sdk 0.0.8 Jumpserver python sdk tools
2017-02-28 mangopaysdk 3.0.5 A client library written in python to work with mangopay v2 api
2017-02-28 yixinPyLib 0.0.25 易鑫金融测试用例公共库
2017-02-28 workalendar 1.1.0 Worldwide holidays and working days helper and toolkit.
2017-02-28 Flask-Restler 1.6.3 Build REST API for Flask using Marshmallow.
2017-02-28 ebstall 0.1.1 Enigma Bridge Installer
2017-02-28 fastweb 1.3.8 FastWeb is a Python fast web frame refered by Tornado
2017-02-28 pyconverge 0.0.15 Resolve configurations from abstract hierarchies and templates
2017-02-28 dodo_commands 0.4.1 Project-aware development environments, inspired by django-manage
2017-02-28 dummydata 0.1.1 dummydata - package for generation of random daa fields
2017-02-28 pysight 0.1.3 Create images from photon lists generated by a mutliscaler.
2017-02-28 hes 0.5 A cute calculator
2017-02-28 stream-django 1.3.2 A Django app to build activity, news and notification feeds.

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