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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 108928 packages here.
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2017-05-24 spotinst 1.0.0 A Python SDK for Spotinst
2017-05-24 shade 1.21.0 Simple client library for interacting with OpenStack clouds
2017-05-24 FeinCMS 1.13.3 Django-based Page CMS and CMS building toolkit.
2017-05-24 tukio 0.13.2 An event-based workflow library built around asyncio
2017-05-24 OpenFisca-France 18.2.6 French tax and benefit system for OpenFisca
2017-05-24 crosstalk-correction 1.0.4 Python 3 implementation of maximum impact estimation (Donato et al., 2013)
2017-05-24 django-north 0.1.5 Yet another way to manage migrations: DBA as a service
2017-05-24 tap-harvest 0.3.8 tap for extracting data from the Harvest api
2017-05-24 Flask-PyMongo 0.5.1 PyMongo support for Flask applications
2017-05-24 fas 0.0.9 FaaSpot Client
2017-05-24 crush 1.0.27 library to control placement in a hierarchy
2017-05-24 django-formit 0.1.0 Smiple Django orm formating
2017-05-24 haros 0.1.2-2 Static analysis framework for ROS.
2017-05-24 Allegro 1.1.5 A python backend integration framework
2017-05-24 zirpu-utils 0.5.0 Zirpu's Misc. Utilities.
2017-05-24 chartmogul 1.1.3 Python library for ChartMogul API.
2017-05-24 kwant 1.3.1 Package for numerical quantum transport calculations (Python 3 version)
2017-05-24 iwnlp 0.1.4 Python implementation for IWNLP
2017-05-24 python-gitlab 0.21 Interact with GitLab API
2017-05-24 django-chemtrails 0.0.5 Graphing Django in Neo4j
2017-05-24 comp 0.2.3 Curses Online Media Player
2017-05-24 conductr-cli 1.2.12 A CLI client for Lightbend ConductR
2017-05-24 mousai 0.1a2 Harmonic Balance solvers.
2017-05-24 alas-ce0-client 0.9 API client for Alas.Ce0 project
2017-05-24 restfulpy 0.7.8 A toolchain for developing REST APIs
2017-05-24 liblinear 2.11.2 Python bindings for liblinear
2017-05-24 rasa_nlu 0.8.7 rasa NLU a natural language parser for bots
2017-05-24 caicloud.tensorflow 2.0.4 Caicloud TensorFlow as a Service (TaaS) dev environment
2017-05-24 dandan 0.1.0 Several tools for internet
2017-05-24 pytest-testdirectory 2.0.0 A py.test plugin providing temporary directories in unit tests.
2017-05-24 cazy-parser 1.1 A way to extract specific information from CAZy
2017-05-24 lanbox 1.0 python interface for your LanBox controller
2017-05-24 DSPP-Keras 0.0.1 Integration of DSPP database with Keral Machine Learning Library
2017-05-24 experiment-app 1.0.0
2017-05-24 edx-shopify 0.0.2 edX Shopify: integrates Open edX with Shopify
2017-05-24 nephele 0.0.39 A shell for AWS
2017-05-24 related 0.1 Related: Straightforward nested object models in Python
2017-05-24 django-simple-log 0.1.0 Logging django models changes.
2017-05-24 stdplusAwsHelpers 0.0.41 Helpers for boto3
2017-05-24 algos-py 0.4.1 Classic computer science algorithms in Python

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