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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 81217 packages here.
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2016-05-25 hearthstone 1.9.12574 CardDefs.xml parser and Hearthstone enums for Python applications
2016-05-25 sesamclient 0.2.17 sesamapi client
2016-05-25 lol-api 0.1.2 wrapper and utils for League of Legends API
2016-05-25 django-pimpmytheme 2.0 Customise theme (css and template) on a per
2016-05-25 twiggy-goodies 0.8.0 Handlers and helpers for Twiggy logging library.
2016-05-25 zoo_cmd 0.0.4 zookeeper cli client
2016-05-25 libcnmc 0.15.3 Generaci√≥ fitxers CNMC
2016-05-25 steem Python library for STEEM
2016-05-25 django-user-deletion 0.2.0 Management commands to notify and delete inactive django users
2016-05-25 logstash_formatter 0.5.15 JSON formatter meant for logstash
2016-05-25 FlexGet 2.0.32 FlexGet is a program aimed to automate downloading or processing content (torrents, podcasts, etc.) from different sources like RSS-feeds, html-pages, various sites and more.
2016-05-25 django-analytical 2.1.0 Analytics service integration for Django projects
2016-05-25 shellfoundry 0.0.17 shellfoundry - Quali tool for creating, building and installing CloudShell shells
2016-05-25 crytography 1.0.0 I think you meant "cryptography"
2016-05-25 plumbery 0.9.0 Cloud automation at Dimension Data with Apache Libcloud
2016-05-25 json2xlsx 1.3 Tool to generate xlsx (Excel spreadsheet) from JSON
2016-05-25 django-rescuests 0.2.3 A framework sending, tracking and retrying REST requests in Django.
2016-05-25 cryptogaphy 1.0.0 I think you meant "cryptography"
2016-05-25 gpcharts v1.1.0 A Google Charts API for Python and Jupyter
2016-05-25 ussclicore 1.0.5 UShareSoft cli core module
2016-05-25 muon 0.1.2 Docker wrapper for testing Ansible roles
2016-05-25 coala 0.7.0.dev20160525083409 Code Analysis Application (coala)
2016-05-25 ps.diazo.vanilla 1.5 Propertyshelf Vanilla Theme.
2016-05-25 fastFM 0.2.5
2016-05-25 jppp 0.1.2 Python bindings for JPP
2016-05-25 SnakeTeX 0.0.1
2016-05-25 delfick_app 0.7.6 Customized App mainline helper
2016-05-25 ethiopianNester 1.0.0 A simple printer of nested lists
2016-05-25 dHydra 0.10.22 A framework for saving & data mining Chinese Stocks
2016-05-25 hiphip 1.0.0a4
2016-05-25 django-userforeignkey 0.1 A simple Django app that will give you a UserForeignKey model field.
2016-05-25 scopetest_1 0.2 The funniest joke in the world
2016-05-25 ForceAtlas2 1.0 The ForceAtlas2 algorithm for Python (and NetworkX)
2016-05-25 uavcan_gui_tool 0.4 UAVCAN Bus Management and Diagnostics App
2016-05-25 pydiploy A tool to deploy applications, and automate processing with fabric
2016-05-25 yadlt 0.0.2rc2 Implementation of various deep learning algorithms using Tensorflow. Class interfaces is sklearn-like.
2016-05-25 tdf.extensionuploadcenter 0.5 TDF Extension Upload Center
2016-05-25 robotframework-mongodblibrary 0.3.2 Mongo Database utility library for Robot Framework
2016-05-25 bossimage 0.1.8 Tool to create AMIs with Ansible
2016-05-25 PyPrint 0.2.4 A library providing printing facilities for python applications.

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