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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 57292 packages here.
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2015-03-30 angus-sdk-python 0.2 Angus python SDK
2015-03-30 sqlalchemy_bigquery 0.0.1 BigQuery for SQLAlchemy
2015-03-30 pymanager 0.2.0 A process manager in Python.
2015-03-30 diceware 0.4 Passphrases you will remember.
2015-03-30 py-config-parser 1.0 Simple python json configuration files parser
2015-03-30 webtest-casperjs 0.2 Use casperjs with WebTest
2015-03-30 numtogreek 0.7.9b7 Converts Numbers to Greek Words
2015-03-30 patrol 0.2 Trigger custom commands from filesystem events.
2015-03-30 pyfg 0.43 Python API for fortigate
2015-03-30 Axelrod 0.0.5 Reproduce the Axelrod iterated prisoners dilemma tournament
2015-03-30 pyfof 0.1.1 Friends-of-friends cluster finding in python
2015-03-30 fabdeploit 0.12.2 fabric utilities for git based deployments
2015-03-30 swuploader 0.1.4 Easy to use bulk model uploader for API
2015-03-30 django-angular 0.7.13 Let Django play well with AngularJS
2015-03-30 Freezes 1.0.7 Transform the plain text or blog to static website
2015-03-30 wheeler.dmf-control-board-firmware 1.0.post12.dev209773933 Arduino-based dmf_control_board firmware and Python API.
2015-03-30 django-tasksoftheday 0.1 A simple Django app for task tracking.
2015-03-30 monk_tf 0.13.2 regression test scripting framework for embedded systems developers
2015-03-30 RASPA2 2.0.0 A general purpose classical simulation package.
2015-03-30 koofr 0.1 Python SDK for Koofr
2015-03-30 li-pagador-koin 2.0.12 Meio de pagamento usando o Koin (
2015-03-30 wanish 0.4.2 open source implementation of summly
2015-03-30 frigg-runner 1.0.0 Frigg runner execute .frigg.yml file localy.
2015-03-30 ev3dev-c 0.6a5 LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Debian C library + Python, Ruby and Perl wrappers
2015-03-30 littlechef 1.8.0 Cook with Chef without a Chef Server
2015-03-30 pyplate 1.0.11 A Python package for processing astronomical photographic plates
2015-03-30 OnPage-HUB-API-Client 0.1.1 Send Page to pager using OnPage HUB API
2015-03-30 reactor 0.1.4 python client
2015-03-30 dropafile 0.1.1 Drop me a file on a webpage.
2015-03-30 ripe.atlas.sagan 0.8.0 A parser for RIPE Atlas measurement results
2015-03-30 tellme 0.2.6 A toolkit for generating user-facing reports from things happening in code.
2015-03-30 backupchecker 1.5 automated backup checker
2015-03-30 sputnik 0.2.4 A solution for continous deployment.
2015-03-30 et_xmlfile 1.0.0 An implementation of lxml.xmlfile for the standard library
2015-03-30 jsonfinder 0.4.0 Easily handle JSON contained within strings. Includes a command-line tool to format JSON within the input, similar to the builtin json.tool.
2015-03-30 django-pages-cms 0.0.18 Simple content management system for Django 1.5+
2015-03-30 django-chunkator 0.0.4 Chunk large querysetsinto small chunks, and iterate over them without killing your RAM.
2015-03-30 spotpy 1.0.4 A Statistical Parameter Optimization Tool
2015-03-30 django-crispy-contact-form 0.1.11 Customizable contact form based on crispy-forms with captcha support for Django 1.5+
2015-03-30 django-flat-theme 0.9.3 A flat theme for Django admin interface. Modern, fresh, simple.

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