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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 55570 packages here.
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2015-02-27 charlatan 0.4.1 Efficiently manage and install data fixtures
2015-02-27 robotframework-aristalibrary 1.0 Python Robot Framework Library for EOS devices
2015-02-27 verhaal 20 De beste manier om de toekomste te maken is haar te voorspellen, letter voor letter.
2015-02-27 livechart 0.0.5 A CLI utility for charting data on the fly.
2015-02-27 pysqlcipher3 1.0.2 DB-API 2.0 interface for SQLCIPHER 3.x
2015-02-27 pyhsmm 0.1.0 Bayesian inference in HSMMs and HMMs
2015-02-27 tableprint 0.1.2 Pretty ASCII printing of tabular data
2015-02-27 PyPosAST 1.0.0 Extends Python ast nodes with positional informations
2015-02-27 ctree 0.1.7 A C-family AST implementation designed to be an IR for DSL compilers.
2015-02-27 toughradius 0.9.4 RADIUS Server
2015-02-27 fabulaws 0.2.12 Simple tool for interacting with AWS in Python
2015-02-27 limbo 3.0.0a4 Simple and Clean Slack Chatbot
2015-02-27 edn_format 0.5.4 EDN format reader and writer in Python
2015-02-27 jujuclient 0.50.1 A juju-core/gojuju simple synchronous python api client.
2015-02-27 bprofile 1.3.2 A wrapper around profile/cProfile, gprof2dot and dot, providing a simple context manager for profiling sections of Python code and producing visual graphs of profiling results.
2015-02-27 systematic 4.2.5 Sysadmin utility classes and scripts
2015-02-27 celery_once 0.1.1 Allows you to prevent multiple execution and queuing of celery tasks.
2015-02-27 nlptoolkit 0.1 My minimal NLP tools for Biocreative IV contest
2015-02-27 edo_client 0.9.2 SDK for
2015-02-27 Products.CMFPlomino 1.19.3 Create specific applications in Plone without developing. Created by Makina Corpus.
2015-02-27 pycookiecheat 0.1.4 Borrow cookies from your browser's authenticated session for use in Python scripts.
2015-02-27 gizmo 0.1.4 Async Python 3 driver for TP3 Gremlin Server
2015-02-27 aTXT v1.0.3 A Data Mining Tool For Extract Text From Files
2015-02-27 pybasicbayes 0.1 Basic utilities for Bayesian inference
2015-02-27 nagios-mesos-service-check 0.3.0 A selection of Nagios plugins to monitor services hosted in OpenTable Mesos.
2015-02-27 x84 2.0.8 Framework for Telnet and SSH BBS or MUD server development with example default bbs board
2015-02-27 bitjet 0.2.1 Binary visualization using IPython widgets
2015-02-27 noirogbptests 1.0.0 A Python Project to Test Noiro's GBP Feature
2015-02-27 scriptnado 2.0.3 DevOps Scripts, IGN Style
2015-02-27 b3j0f.annotation 0.1.5 Reflective annotation library for python
2015-02-27 bigml 2.2.0 An open source binding to, the public BigML API
2015-02-27 localcider 0.1.7 Tools for calculating sequence properties of disordered proteins [from the Pappu Lab in at Washington University in St. Louis]
2015-02-27 exoline 0.9.9 Command line interface for Exosite platform.
2015-02-27 GraphLab-Service-Client 1.3.0 GraphLab Service Client makes it easy to make REST API calls to GraphLab Predictive Services
2015-02-27 pygeoprocessing 0.1.0.dev33 Geoprocessing routines for GIS
2015-02-27 pyriem 0.1.16 A statistics collection framework for Riemann.
2015-02-27 awsebcli 3.1.2 Command Line Interface for AWS EB.
2015-02-27 plotly 1.6.9 Python plotting library for collaborative, interactive, publication-quality graphs.
2015-02-27 nota 0.5.8 Text-based note taker
2015-02-27 selenium 2.45.0 Python bindings for Selenium

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