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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 110783 packages here.
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2017-06-25 pyvlx 0.1.1 PyVLX - controling VELUX windows with Python via KLF 200
2017-06-25 coon 1.1.2 Erlang package management and build system
2017-06-25 cloudshell-traffic 0.9.9 QualiSystems Python base class and utilities for traffic generators shells (chassis and controller)
2017-06-25 trelliolibs 0.28 Utilities for trellio framework
2017-06-25 trellio 1.1.25rc17 Python3 asyncio based micro-framework for micro-service architecture
2017-06-25 starfeeder 0.3.0 Whisker Starfeeder (starling RFID/balance reader)
2017-06-25 nestnainaing 1.0.0 test
2017-06-25 filetype 0.1.6 Infer file type and MIME type of any file/buffer. No libmagic dependency.
2017-06-25 libhackchat 0.1.1 A library to connect to
2017-06-25 whisker 0.3.11 Whisker Python client library
2017-06-25 ocflib 2017. libraries for account and server management
2017-06-25 pydocktors 0.0.6 Simple docker decorator
2017-06-25 pytorch-fft 0.8 A PyTorch wrapper for CUDA FFTs
2017-06-25 Radicale 2.1.0 CalDAV and CardDAV Server
2017-06-25 wpm 1.7 Console app for measuring typing speed in words per minute (WPM)
2017-06-25 kipartman 0.0.15 Kicad part manager
2017-06-25 picopore 1.1.5 A tool for reducing the size of Oxford Nanopore Technologies' datasets without losing information.
2017-06-25 infraboxcli 0.2.5 Command Line Interface for InfraBox
2017-06-25 cherrybase 0.5.2 Wrapper around CherryPy
2017-06-25 python-rco 0.2.7 RC Online services library
2017-06-25 cfn-lambda-handler 1.0.5 This package provides a decorator for Python Lambda functions handling AWS CloudFormation custom resources.
2017-06-25 Tensorpac 0.5.0 Tensor-based Phase-Amplitude Coupling
2017-06-25 Mopidy-Iris 3.0.0 A fully-functional Mopidy web client encompassing Spotify and many other backends
2017-06-25 edx-enterprise 0.36.6 Your project description goes here
2017-06-25 logtime-cli 1.2.0 CLI utility for logging the time you spend on things
2017-06-25 shwirl 0.1.3 Meaningful colouring of spectral cube data with volume rendering
2017-06-25 reprint 0.3.0 A simple module for Python2/3 to print and refresh multi line output contents in terminal
2017-06-25 cnvcallertools 0.1.1 command line tool kits from analysis CNVcaller result
2017-06-25 pydojo 2.3 A playful way to learn coding with Python
2017-06-25 coala 0.12.0.dev20170625082906 Linting and Fixing Code for All Languages
2017-06-25 moneywagon 1.16.21 Next Generation Cryptocurrency Platform
2017-06-25 pydocktors 0.0.5 Simple docker decorator
2017-06-25 Radicale 1.1.4 CalDAV and CardDAV Server
2017-06-25 falsy 2017.6.11.dev118 falcon.swagger.yaml
2017-06-25 picraftzero 0.2.4 A library for building universal controls for robots
2017-06-25 git-reviewers 0.1.0 Suggest reviewers for your git branch
2017-06-25 pgpxmlrpc 1.2.3 PGP-encrypted transport for XML-RPC protocol
2017-06-25 dongo 0.1.4
2017-06-25 regnupg 0.4.2 A wrapper for the Gnu Privacy Guard (GPG or GnuPG)
2017-06-25 flaskpress-flask-htmlbuilder 0.13 Fork of Flexible Python-only HTML generation for Flask

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