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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 85203 packages here.
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2016-07-25 CIpipe 1.81 CRISPR Indel pipe
2016-07-25 django-bigbuild 0.0.7 The open-source engine that powers bigbuilder, the Los Angeles Times Data Desk's system for publishing standalone pages
2016-07-25 PyQtChart 5.7 Python bindings for the Qt Charts library
2016-07-25 mtspec 0.3.0 Python bindings for multitaper `mtspec` f90 Library.
2016-07-25 kerncraft 0.3.2 Loop Kernel Analysis and Performance Modeling Toolkit
2016-07-25 interest-calc 0.0.4 Very simple tool to compute interest gains over time in the command line.
2016-07-25 wagtailatomicadmin 0.1.0 An admin UI for Wagtail that encourages nesting StreamField blocks.
2016-07-25 variantannotation 0.9 This package is aimed at providing a way of retrieving variant information using ANNOVAR and In particular, it issuited for bioinformaticians interested in aggregating variant information into a single database.The data structure used is a python dictionaty, so the data can be easily parsed to a MongoDBinstance.
2016-07-25 PyQtDataVisualization 5.7 Python bindings for the Qt Data Visualization library
2016-07-25 rssynergia 20160725.213202 Support tools for Synergia
2016-07-25 housecanary Client Wrapper for the HouseCanary API
2016-07-25 cfdilib 0.1.7 Library to manage xml CDFI from python and sign with several pacs.
2016-07-25 PyQtPurchasing 5.7 Python bindings for the Qt Purchasing library
2016-07-25 llama 0.0.1a3 LLAMA - Loss & LAtency MAtrix
2016-07-25 sendgrid 3.1.8 SendGrid library for Python
2016-07-25 ohbm 0.01
2016-07-25 rebulk 0.7.3 Rebulk - Define simple search patterns in bulk to perform advanced matching on any string.
2016-07-25 shroud 0.1.0 Easy encryption/decryption for deployed secrets.
2016-07-25 gbdx-task-template 0.1.5 GBDX Task Template
2016-07-25 simplepipe 0.0.1 A simple functional pipelining library for Python.
2016-07-25 SIP 4.18.1 Python extension module generator for C and C++ libraries
2016-07-25 python-nest 2.9.4 Python API and command line tool for talking to the Nest™ Thermostat
2016-07-25 shiftboiler 0.0.3 Best practices setup for webapps, apis and cli applications
2016-07-25 netfilter 0.6.4 Python modules for manipulating netfilter rules
2016-07-25 configr 1.0.2 A practical configuration library for your Python apps.
2016-07-25 sentinel-s3 0.6.2 Python libraries for extracting Sentinel-2's metadata from Amazon S3
2016-07-25 fluffy-server 1.6.5
2016-07-25 omnihash 0.4.0 Hash files and strings in various common algorithms
2016-07-25 ImportDoctor Python file formatter for import statements
2016-07-25 fpv-gcc 0.2 Analysing code footprint on embedded microcontrollers using GCC generated Map files
2016-07-25 csvshuf 1.0.1 Shuffle cells by column in CSV files.
2016-07-25 pyspectator 1.1.0 pyspectator is a Python cross-platform tool for monitoring OS resources.
2016-07-25 germanium 1.8.3 The germanium project: Selenium WebDriver testing API that doesn't disappoint.
2016-07-25 aiotelegram 0.2.0 Tiny asyncio-based telgram api wrapper library
2016-07-25 simple_rl 0.21 A simple framework for experimenting with Reinforcement Learning in Python 2.7
2016-07-25 drivar 0.1.2 Hardware abstraction layer for Raspbuggy
2016-07-25 crc8 0.0.2 A module that implements the CRC8 hash algorithm for Python 2 and 3.
2016-07-25 proxy-toggle 1.0.0 A command-line tool to run programs seamlessly behind a proxy.
2016-07-25 DynamicistToolKit 0.5.0 Various tools for theoretical and experimental dynamics.
2016-07-25 macman 0.8 OSX Management tools

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