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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 74453 packages here.
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2016-02-12 rma 0.1.3 Utilities to profile Redis RAM usage
2016-02-12 subuser 0.5 subuser - a program which helps you run other programs in containers, securely and portably.
2016-02-12 anchorman 0.1.4 UNKNOWN
2016-02-12 ezmomi 6.0.1 VMware vSphere Command line tool
2016-02-12 plone.namedfile 3.0.7 File types and fields for images, files and blob files with filenames
2016-02-12 psyplot 0.1.2 Python package for interactive data visualization
2016-02-12 torstomp 0.1.6 Simple Stomp 1.1 client for tornado applications
2016-02-12 django-measurement 2.2.1 Convenient fields and classes for handling measurements
2016-02-12 django-admin-backend 0.4.0 A replacement of django.contrib.admin
2016-02-12 mdsplus-alpha 7.0.222 MDSplus Python Objects
2016-02-12 qqqfome 0.0.1 I'm a daemon server that auto send message to your zhihu new followers.
2016-02-12 tsuru-sphinx 0.1.3 Sphinx extensions used in tsuru documentation
2016-02-12 features 0.5.5 Feature set algebra for linguistics
2016-02-12 RAPIDpy 2.1.0 RAPIDpy is a python interface for RAPID that assists to prepare inputs, runs the RAPID program, and provides post-processing utilities ( More information about installation and the input parameters for RAPID can be found at The source code for RAPID is located at
2016-02-12 retask 1.0 Task Queue implementation in python
2016-02-12 bmt_tools 0.1.5 Tools for Bad Movie Twins
2016-02-12 concepts 0.7.10 Formal Concept Analysis with Python
2016-02-12 puput 0.5 A Django blog app implemented in Wagtail.
2016-02-12 check-tls-certs 0.4.0 Check TLS certificates of domains for expiration dates and more.
2016-02-12 crcelk 1.0 Updated fork of CrcMoose providing a pure Python CRC implementation.
2016-02-12 bitsets 0.7.10 Ordered subsets over a predefined domain
2016-02-12 docxtpl 0.1.10 Python docx template engine
2016-02-12 beedb-client 1.0.0 BeeDB Pure DBaaS for cloud environments
2016-02-12 neronet 0.2.4 A tool for managing many computational experiments.
2016-02-12 cacofonisk 0.0.1 Track callerid changes through Asterisk Management Interface (AMI)
2016-02-12 django-cropduster 4.8.46 Django image uploader and cropping tool
2016-02-12 django-instagram-api 0.3.1 Django implementation for instagram API
2016-02-12 django-maced 0.4.1 Django app designed to help with easy database record manipulation/creation through a frontend interface. It is called Maced for Merge Add Clone Edit Delete.
2016-02-12 ongair-whatsapp 1.0.0 Ongair layer that connects to whatsapp
2016-02-12 lambdanow-python-client 0.1.4 A Python client for LambdaNow clusters
2016-02-12 pyexam11 0.1.0 A Python package example
2016-02-12 obspyh5 0.2.2 hdf5 write/read support for obspy
2016-02-12 forestutils 0.1.1 Tools to analyse 3D scans of a forest.
2016-02-12 pytest-krtech-common 0.1.20 pytest krtech common library
2016-02-12 ripe.atlas.sagan 1.1.10 A parser for RIPE Atlas measurement results
2016-02-12 LightPipes 1.0.7 LightPipes for Python optical toolbox
2016-02-12 django-markdownx 1.4.1 Django Markdown editor with image uploads (stored in MEDIA_ROOT folder) and live preview.
2016-02-12 tubing 0.0.2.post123 Python I/O pipe utilities
2016-02-12 coala 0.4.1.dev20160212125757 Code Analysis Application (coala)
2016-02-12 heatherrd 1.0.0 This is the heatherrd project.

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