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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 65796 packages here.
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2015-09-04 emigrate 0.14.0 A package for simulating electrophoresis.
2015-09-04 metaknowledge 0.3.0 A library for handling Web of science files
2015-09-04 CVXcanon 0.0.15 A low-level library to perform the matrix building step in cvxpy, a convex optimization modeling software.
2015-09-04 WebPortfolio A full stack Flask based framework that put structure in the file system. Features: Caching, Mailing, Storage, CSRF, recaptcha and more
2015-09-04 django-quickapi 3.4.1 The Django-application for the fast organization API.
2015-09-04 taskcluster_util 0.0.11 Taskcluster Utilities
2015-09-04 slpkg 2.8.2 Slpkg is a user-friendly package manager for Slackware installations
2015-09-04 sentry-datadog-helpers 1.0.3 Suite of Sentry tools which enhance integrations with Datadog.
2015-09-04 ginga 2.5.20150904004510 An astronomical image viewer and toolkit.
2015-09-04 agate 0.7.0 A Python data analysis library designed for humans working in the real world.
2015-09-04 cloudmesh_base 3.2.2 A set of simple base functions and classes useful for cloudmesh and other programs
2015-09-04 aiohttp_ac_hipchat 0.2 Aiohttp extension to support Atlassian Connect for HipChat
2015-09-04 sorno-py-scripts 0.25.1 Herman Tai's python scripts all prefixed with "sorno_"
2015-09-04 niprov 0.1.post13 provenance for neuroimaging data
2015-09-04 python-novaclient 2.28.0 Client library for OpenStack Compute API
2015-09-04 terminaltables 1.2.1 Generate simple tables in terminals from a nested list of strings.
2015-09-04 vzlog 0.1.7 Python tool for logging rich content, particularly plots and images
2015-09-04 tvrenamer 0.1.2 TV Episode Renamer
2015-09-04 apiwrapper 0.1.1 Simple API Wrapper
2015-09-04 pySpellbook 0.7 A PDF spellbook creation utility for D20 games
2015-09-04 panamadv 0.1.2 Program to calculate the DV for the given RUC for Panama.
2015-09-04 redis-lua 1.0 A set of tools to ease LUA scripting when dealing with Redis.
2015-09-04 xymath 0.0.0 A GUI and API that creates, documents and explores y=f(x) curve fits
2015-09-04 sPyte 0.0.1dev5 Simple Python Test Engine
2015-09-04 dunderscore-py 0.0.0 Dunderscore, useful functions for Python 2 or 3
2015-09-04 untiler 0.0.4 Combine image tiles into composite TIFs
2015-09-04 vt102 0.4 Simple vt102 emulator, useful for screen scraping.
2015-09-04 dumb-init 0.1.0 Simple wrapper script which proxies signals to a child
2015-09-04 Pylsy 1.11 Pylsy is a simple library draw tables in the Terminal.
2015-09-04 kipart 0.1.12 Part creator for KiCad.
2015-09-04 1.0.7 Tiles para o Portal Padrão do Governo Federal
2015-09-04 pysplatoon 0.0.2 Python client library to get Splatoon data
2015-09-04 vida 0.1 Python binding for Vida data visualizations
2015-09-04 1.1 Temas para o Portal Padrão do Governo Federal
2015-09-04 flask-sqlite_admin 0.1 SQLite DB Management Blueprint for Flask Applications
2015-09-04 multimethod 0.5 Multiple argument dispatching.
2015-09-04 opencontrail-kubelet 0.3 OpenContrail kubelet plugin
2015-09-03 eno 0.0.17 eno test client
2015-09-03 moneywagon 1.6.0 Next Generation Cryptocurrency Platform
2015-09-03 defconf 0.2.0 Python Library/tool to easily define and validate the format and content of a configuration file

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