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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 97270 packages here.
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2017-01-24 swimlane-client 0.0.1 Python client for the Swimlane API
2017-01-24 flufl.enum 4.1.1 A Python enumeration package.
2017-01-24 datadog 0.15.0 The Datadog Python library
2017-01-24 coala 0.10.0.dev20170124151454 Linting and Fixing Code for All Languages
2017-01-24 component_builder Build runner of components for testing/releasing purposes.
2017-01-24 launchpadtools 0.5.2 Tools for Debian/Ubuntu Launchpad
2017-01-24 github-manager 0.4.1.post2 Gitman - Simple CLI Github Repository Manager
2017-01-24 django-cspreport 0.1.1 Django app for handling reports from web browsers of violations of content security policy.
2017-01-24 hyperboard 0.1 A web-based dashboard for Deep Learning
2017-01-24 django-raster 0.3.1 Raster file implementation for Django based on PostGis
2017-01-24 ckx_tools 0.5.10 'X' tools for working with catkin.
2017-01-24 tabulator 0.14.0 Consistent interface for stream reading and writing tabular data (csv/xls/json/etc)
2017-01-24 music_finder_test1 0.3 Package that searches for new music in several sources.
2017-01-24 moto 0.4.31 A library that allows your python tests to easily mock out the boto library
2017-01-24 django-ohm2-handlers 1.3.7 Django application to easily handle database requests and other tools
2017-01-24 mpdaf 2.2 MUSE Python Data Analysis Framework is a python framework in view of the analysis of MUSE data in the context of the GTO.
2017-01-24 yandex-xml-parser 0.0.6 Yandex xml parser
2017-01-24 esdrt.content 1.59.32 Content-types for ESD Review Tool
2017-01-24 sshmm 1.0.0b2 A sequence-structure hidden Markov model for the analysis of RNA-binding protein data.
2017-01-24 nameko-amqp-retry 0.2.0 Nameko extension allowing AMQP entrypoints to retry later
2017-01-24 pywe-decrypt 1.0.1 Wechat Decrypt Module for Python for MiniApp.
2017-01-24 nodeconductor-auth-social 0.3.0 NodeConductor plugin for authentication with social networks such as Facebook, Google Plus.
2017-01-24 CurrencyConverter 0.12 A currency converter using the European Central Bank data.
2017-01-24 djlime 0.0.37 Django goodies.
2017-01-24 spotpy 1.2.29 A Statistical Parameter Optimization Tool
2017-01-24 seed-papertrail 1.5.0 This is the seed-papertrail project.
2017-01-24 djenga 0.3.4 Useful building blocks for Django.
2017-01-24 ANNOgesic 0.5.6 A bacterial transcriptome annotation pipeline based on RNA-Seq
2017-01-24 foreman-yml 1.0.0 Foreman YAML client
2017-01-24 vcdriver 1.4.1 A vcenter driver based on pyvmomi and fabric
2017-01-24 nodeconductor-openstack 0.15.0 NodeConductor plugin for managing OpenStack resources.
2017-01-24 safepy 0.0.1a0 UNKNOWN
2017-01-24 nodeconductor-digitalocean 0.2.0 NodeConductor plugin for managing DigitalOcean resources.
2017-01-24 nodeconductor-aws 0.2.0 NodeConductor plugin for managing Amazon Web Services.
2017-01-24 sovrin-client-dev 0.0.2 Sovrin client
2017-01-24 cdeploy 1.8 A tool for managing Cassandra schema migrations
2017-01-24 django-sec 0.5.3 Parse XBRL filings from the SEC's EDGAR in Python
2017-01-24 legitfs 0.4.0 A read-only FUSE-based filesystem allowing you to browse git repositories
2017-01-24 cbmpy 0.7.11 PySCeS-CBMPy
2017-01-24 ftw.calendar 3.0.0 Calendar view based on fullcalendar

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