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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 91538 packages here.
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2016-10-27 nucosMQ 0.0.6 nucosMQ - a pure python message module
2016-10-27 anagram-solver 1.0.0 Python command line application bare bones template.
2016-10-27 cast_convert Convert and inspect video for Chromecast playback
2016-10-27 aws-monocyte 0.3.467-199 Monocyte - Search and Destroy unwanted AWS Resources relentlessly.
2016-10-27 pynetdot 1.3.0 Python client for netdot REST API
2016-10-27 networkutil 1.1.0 A collection of networking utilities.
2016-10-27 DatasetZoo 1.2.0 Easily share datasets within your institution or with the rest of the world!
2016-10-27 django-simple-serializer 2.0.4 Django Simple Serializer is a serializer to help user serialize django data or python list into json,xml,dict data in a simple way.
2016-10-27 IndicoIo 1.0.4 A Python Wrapper for indico. Use pre-built state of the art machine learning algorithms with a single line of code.
2016-10-27 keepaAPI 0.11 Interfaces with
2016-10-27 sdklib 1.3-3 SDK helper library
2016-10-27 django-bootstrap-breadcrumbs 0.8.2 Django breadcrumbs for Bootstrap 2, 3 or 4
2016-10-27 junitparser 0.2 Manipulates JUnit/xUnit Result XML files
2016-10-27 net-survey 0.0.1 Installation Network Survey
2016-10-27 shooju 0.8.0 Official Shooju Client
2016-10-27 twitterbot-farm 0.1.2 "Framework" for running a lot of twitterbots without useless twitter API calls.
2016-10-27 greenify 0.3.1 Make C module compatible with gevent at runtime.
2016-10-27 DPark 0.3.5 Python clone of Spark, MapReduce like computing framework supporting iterative algorithms.
2016-10-27 dynmen 0.0.2 dynmen is an interface to dynamic menus, like dmenu, rofi, or fzf.
2016-10-27 array-split 0.1.0 Python package for splitting arrays into sub-arrays (i.e. rectangular-tiling and rectangular-domain-decomposition), similar to ``numpy.array_split``.
2016-10-27 fastecdsa 1.2.1 Fast elliptic curve digital signatures
2016-10-27 gbboxcli 0.2.2 Command-line interface for gbbox
2016-10-27 b3j0f.schema 0.0.8 Python schema library agnostic from languages.
2016-10-27 django-pdfkit 0.1.0 Django view that converts HTML to PDF using webkit.
2016-10-27 HeadFirstTest1 1.1.0 nested list v2
2016-10-27 mathutils 2.78 A general math utilities library providing Matrix, Vector, Quaternion, Euler and Color classes, written in C for speed.
2016-10-27 RPiViz 0.0.12 Apache License 2.0 Zach Estela
2016-10-27 statmail 1 STATistics and STATus sent via email for servers.
2016-10-27 0.3.2 Odin integration with AWS
2016-10-27 syntribos 0.2.2 API Security Scanner
2016-10-27 dropbox 7.1.1 Official Dropbox API Client
2016-10-27 Cython 0.25.1 The Cython compiler for writing C extensions for the Python language.
2016-10-27 hupper 0.2 Integrated process monitor for developing servers.
2016-10-27 libase 1.0.5
2016-10-27 scripnix 0.1.6 Useful Python3 and bash shell scripts for macOS/BSD and *NIX. Useful to me, at any rate. YMMV.
2016-10-27 TimeConvert 1.3.9 Time Convert for Humans™
2016-10-27 dbt 0.5.3 Data build tool for Analyst Collective
2016-10-27 django-material 0.9.2 Material design for django forms and admin
2016-10-27 gis-metadata-parser 0.9.3 Parser for GIS metadata standards including FGDC and ISO-19115
2016-10-27 scram 0.6.3 Small Complementary RnA Mapper

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