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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 59018 packages here.
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To use a package from this index either "pip install package" (get pip) or download, unpack and "python install" it.

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2015-05-03 Fabric-Alias 0.0.1 fabric_alias is a plugin for fabric when using fabfile.
2015-05-03 modular-ns 0.0.1 Modular name space
2015-05-03 abduct 1.0.3 Capture stdout/stderr and optionally release when an exception occurs.
2015-05-03 nengo_ocl 0.1.0.dev0 OpenCL-backed neural simulations using the methods of the Neural Engineering Framework.
2015-05-03 greenlet 0.4.6 Lightweight in-process concurrent programming
2015-05-03 tokit 0.1 A kit for development with Tornado web framework. 'See for usage demo.
2015-05-03 annoy 1.2.2 Approximate Nearest Neighbors in C++/Python optimized for memory usage and loading/saving to disk.
2015-05-03 markdown-server 0.1.0 A simple markdown server.
2015-05-03 urllib3 1.10.4 HTTP library with thread-safe connection pooling, file post, and more.
2015-05-03 pyessv 0.1.0 Python Earth Science Standard Vocabulary library.
2015-05-03 imdbpie 2.1.0 Python IMDB client using the IMDB json web service made available for their iOS app.
2015-05-03 pbox 2.5.2 PBOX is a simple module that makes it easier to handle persistent data using pickle or cPickle.
2015-05-03 lightning-python 1.0.6 A Python client library for Lightning data vizualization notebooks
2015-05-03 docker-harpoon Opinionated wrapper around docker
2015-05-03 toolspy 0.1.0 UNKNOWN
2015-05-03 tellmewhen 0.1 A simple tool to watch web resources and notify you when they change.
2015-05-03 pyrthon 0.1.0 Literal syntax for Pyrsistent data structures
2015-05-03 lychee 0.1.4 I'm Lychee. A static blog generator.
2015-05-03 pyhls 0.1.0 A HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) python library.
2015-05-03 rfc 0.1.0 View RFCs in the terminal
2015-05-03 ahkab 0.16 a SPICE-like electronic circuit simulator
2015-05-03 ansible-tools 0.0.2 Keyring integration and local execution wrappers for Ansible
2015-05-03 symfit 0.2.6 Symbolic Fitting; fitting as it should be.
2015-05-03 myql 1.2 Python Wrapper for the Yahoo ! Query Language
2015-05-03 spur 0.3.14 Run commands and manipulate files locally or over SSH using the same interface
2015-05-03 root_numpy 4.1.0 An interface between ROOT and NumPy
2015-05-03 grub2-theme-preview 1.1 Preview a GRUB 2.x theme using KVM/QEMU
2015-05-03 ERAlechemy 0.0.1 Simple entity relation (ER) diagrams generation
2015-05-03 httpie-msgpack 1.0.0 Msgpack plugin for HTTPie.
2015-05-03 appier 0.9.18 Appier Framework
2015-05-03 aldryn-wow 1.0.0 Plugin for aldryn to include awesome animations from WOW.js and Animate.css
2015-05-03 infi.projector 0.6.39 Python, git-flow based project management tool
2015-05-03 webpack 4.0.0 Python bindings to Webpack
2015-05-03 thefuck 1.34 Magnificent app which corrects your previous console command
2015-05-03 infi.hbaapi 0.2.1 cross-platform bindings to FC-HBA APIs on Windows and Linux
2015-05-03 wdl 1.0.3 Runs WDL tasks and workflows locally
2015-05-03 pip-accel 0.29.3 Accelerator for pip, the Python package manager
2015-05-03 infi.mount_utils 0.0.2 Python bindings/wrappers for mounting devices
2015-05-03 chumpy 0.66 chumpy
2015-05-03 passpie 0.1rc6 Manage your login credentials from the terminal painlessly.

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