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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 63842 packages here.
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2015-07-31 qcloud_cos 1.0.0 python sdk for
2015-07-31 Thanatos 0.2.1 A Python library for generating EVE Online trivia questions.
2015-07-31 django-simple-history 1.6.3 Store model history and view/revert changes from admin site.
2015-07-31 securepay 0.5.3 Python interface to the Securepay credit card payment gateway.
2015-07-31 leap-sdk 0.0.3 Leap Python SDK
2015-07-31 twiceredis 1.0.6 sentinel pool backed read and write redis client
2015-07-31 satish_inampudi 1.2.0 Handle exceptions while reading a script file
2015-07-31 python-digitalocean-backup 1.0.5 Python module to manage Digitalocean droplet backups.
2015-07-31 bespin Opinionated wrapper around boto that reads yaml
2015-07-31 AMP 1.1 Automatic Mathematical Parser.
2015-07-31 API-libs 0.0.2 一套灵活的组件,帮助你快速搭建起一个 API 系统
2015-07-31 green 2.0.1 Green is a clean, colorful test runner for Python unit tests.
2015-07-31 bingads 9.3.3 A library to make working with the Bing Ads APIs and bulk services easy
2015-07-31 nicai_nester 1.0.0 A simple printer of nested lists
2015-07-31 exceltowiki 0.1.5 Convert Excel to Wiki while maintaining formatting
2015-07-31 erucli 0.1.20 ERU command line tool
2015-07-31 typesys 0.2.3 typesys is a python module meant to make it easier to manage types
2015-07-31 onetimepass 1.0.1 Module for generating and validating HOTP and TOTP tokens
2015-07-31 x100http 0.2.7 web framework support customing file upload processing
2015-07-31 ayd 0.0.4 generate Azkaban Flow
2015-07-31 onetimepass 1.0.0 Module for generating and validating HOTP and TOTP tokens
2015-07-31 maproulette 0.2.6 A wrapper for the MapRoulette API
2015-07-31 gtwisted 0.2.4alpha Achieve twisted based on gevent
2015-07-31 opinel 0.9.5 Code shared between Scout2 and AWS-recipes.
2015-07-31 allmydata-tahoe 1.10.2 secure, decentralized, fault-tolerant filesystem
2015-07-31 python-libldap 0.7.0 A Python binding for libldap
2015-07-31 filterpy 0.0.26 Kalman filtering and optimal estimation library
2015-07-31 rainbowstream 1.2.8 A smart and nice Twitter client on terminal.
2015-07-31 zhihu-py3 0.1.4 Zhihu UNOFFICIAL API library in python3, with help of bs4, lxml, requests and html2text.
2015-07-31 eru-py 0.0.14 ERU client for python
2015-07-31 concept_formation 0.2.3 A library for doing incremental concept formation using algorithms in the COBWEB family.
2015-07-31 py_search 0.1.5 A library of search algorithms.
2015-07-31 littlebrother 0.1 An HTTP document title extractor for Twisted Web
2015-07-31 wstool_cd 0.7 Tool to change directory in workspace managed by wstool
2015-07-31 flaky 2.1.2 Plugin for nose or py.test that automatically reruns flaky tests.
2015-07-31 qipipe 5.4.8 Quantitative Imaging Profile pipeline
2015-07-31 cffi_magic 0.0.3 A module that define a cffi magic for IPython
2015-07-31 python-datetime-tz 0.5 A drop in replacement for Python's datetime module which cares deeply about timezones.
2015-07-31 QDYN 0.1.2 Package providing some Python modules for working with the QDYN Fortran library
2015-07-31 pi_switch 0.4.0 A library for the raspberry pi to control remote power outlet sockets.

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