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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 83132 packages here.
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2016-06-24 supra 1.0.25 It's an easy JSON services generator
2016-06-24 microcosm-logging 0.6.0 Opinionated logging configuration
2016-06-24 ucl 0.8 ucl parser and emmitter
2016-06-24 praw-script-oauth 0.1.2 Script OAuth utility for Reddit and PRAW
2016-06-24 threat_intel 0.1.16 Collection of the API calls for various threat intel feeds.
2016-06-24 grow 0.0.61 Develop everywhere and deploy anywhere: a declarative static site generator/CMS for building high-quality web sites.
2016-06-24 ImportDoctor 1.0.5 Python file formatter for import statements
2016-06-24 XStatic-Angular-Bootstrap XStatic-Angular-Bootstrap ------------------------- Angular-Bootstrap JavaScript library packaged for setuptools (easy_install) / pip. This package is intended to be used by **any** project that needs these files. It intentionally does **not** provide any extra code except some metadata **nor** has any extra requirements. You MAY use some minimal support code from the XStatic base package, if you like. You can find more info about the xstatic packaging way in the package `XStatic`. Maintenance ----------- To release this package you must use the xstatic-release tool.
2016-06-24 rr.pretty 0.1.0 Helpers for creation of nicer repr() and str().
2016-06-24 group-based-policy 2015.2.4 Openstack Group Based Policy
2016-06-24 regex 2016.06.24 Alternative regular expression module, to replace re.
2016-06-24 certstore 0.0.2 Platform independent access to system certificate store
2016-06-24 pyfcm 0.0.7 Python client for FCM - Firebase Cloud Messaging (Android & iOS)..
2016-06-24 ModernGL 2.0.6 Wrapper over OpenGL
2016-06-24 typed-ast 0.5.5 fork of Python 2 and 3 ast modules with type comment support
2016-06-24 django-query-builder 0.11.2 Build complex nested queries
2016-06-24 osxcollector_output_filters 1.0.9 Filters that process and transform the output of OSXCollector
2016-06-24 pypuppetdbquery 0.9.0 A port of @dalen's PuppetDB Query language to Python
2016-06-24 rr.approx 0.1.2 A simple module for approximate floating point arithmetic.
2016-06-24 scrape 0.9.9 a command-line web scraping tool
2016-06-24 cliquery 1.7.12 a command-line browser interface
2016-06-24 job_stream 0.1.13 job_stream: easy and sophisticated parallelization
2016-06-24 pyblish-base 1.4.1 Plug-in driven automation framework for content
2016-06-24 Henson-AMQP 0.5.0 A library for interacting with AMQP with a Henson application.
2016-06-24 django-sql-explorer 1.0 A pluggable app that allows users (admins) to execute SQL, view, and export the results. Inspired by Stack Exchange Data Explorer.
2016-06-24 realms-wiki 0.8.0 Simple git based wiki
2016-06-24 mdfreader 0.2.2 A Measured Data Format file parser
2016-06-24 libpebble2 0.0.21 Library for communicating with pebbles over pebble protocol
2016-06-24 nflx-genie-client 3.0.8 Genie Python Client.
2016-06-24 xonsh 0.4.1 A general purpose, Python-ish shell
2016-06-24 probe-cloud 0.1.9 cloud utils for probe packages
2016-06-24 pytube 6.1.10 A Python library for downloading YouTube videos.
2016-06-24 PyREM 0.1.2 Python Remote Experiment Runner
2016-06-24 li-repo 1.9.0rc5 Loja Integrada's models for Django ORM.
2016-06-24 li-apiclient 2.2.0rc8 Loja Integrada's API Client
2016-06-24 apslite-agent 0.0.0 UNKNOWN
2016-06-24 python-evrythng 0.2.4 A Python wrapper around the Evrythng REST API.
2016-06-24 habanero 0.2.6 Low Level Client for Crossref Search API
2016-06-24 li-repo 1.9.0rc4 Loja Integrada's models for Django ORM.
2016-06-24 li-repo 1.9.0rc3 Loja Integrada's models for Django ORM.

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