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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 106576 packages here.
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2017-04-24 quadriga-bot 0.0.1 Python Bot for QuadrigaCX
2017-04-24 pyRFXtrx 0.18.0 a library to communicate with the RFXtrx family of devices
2017-04-24 isolyzer 0.3.0 Verify size of ISO image
2017-04-24 stp-dev 0.1.42 Secure Transport Protocol core
2017-04-24 dnsdiag 1.6.0 DNS Diagnostics and measurement tools (ping, traceroute)
2017-04-24 rexp 0.1.3 Simple pattern compiler library
2017-04-24 siskin 0.1.19 Various sources and workflows.
2017-04-24 gcloud_datastore_odm 0.0.1 Google cloud datastore based ODM
2017-04-24 ansible-selvpcplugin 1.0.0 Ansible module for Selectel VPC platform
2017-04-24 dtoolutils 0.2.0 Utilities for working with dtoolcore
2017-04-24 cydtw DTW computation made efficient using Cython
2017-04-24 cmsplugin-yandex-maps 0.4.3 Rich functionality Yandex Maps plugin for Django-CMS
2017-04-24 crate-docs-theme 0.5.20 Crate Sphinx Theme for ReadTheDocs
2017-04-24 test-vision 0.4 An upload to s3 utility
2017-04-24 easyqa 0.1 Official EasyQA wrapper
2017-04-24 cartoview 1.1.22 Cartoview is a GIS web mapping application framework to easily share and deploy apps based on Geonode
2017-04-24 codeforlife-portal
2017-04-24 ledger-3pc-batch 0.2.8 Immutable Ledger python library
2017-04-24 stups-sevenseconds 1.2.60 Configure AWS accounts
2017-04-24 drf-tools 0.9.31 Multiple extensions and test utilities for Django REST Framework 3
2017-04-24 datapackage-pipelines 1.0.10 {{ DESCRIPTION }}
2017-04-24 python-simplestream 0.1 A python library that provides an interface to the SimpleStream API
2017-04-24 aetros 0.7.1 Python SDK for
2017-04-24 zentropi 0.1.2 Script Your World.
2017-04-24 python-sql 0.9 Library to write SQL queries
2017-04-24 carrots 0.1.12 Library to build RabbitMQ architectures like you were playing with lego blocks
2017-04-24 yaz_templating_plugin 1.0.0b1 A templating plugin for YAZ
2017-04-24 djangocms-geoplaceholder 1.0.0 Plugin for Django CMS that renders child plugins only for visitors from certain locations identified by GeoIP
2017-04-24 yaz_scripting_plugin 0.0.2 A plugin for YAZ providing shell scripting access
2017-04-24 py-kim 1.1.0 Kim: A JSON Serialization and Marshaling framework
2017-04-24 manhattan_forms 0.0.23 A set of classes, functions and utilties that extend WTForms for use with manhattan.
2017-04-24 limix-legacy 0.8.12 A flexible and fast mixed model toolbox.
2017-04-24 hyperframe 5.1.0 HTTP/2 framing layer for Python
2017-04-24 streamcat 0.2.1 Encode and decode concatenated objects as streams
2017-04-24 amaascore 0.1.20 Asset Management as a Service - Core SDK
2017-04-24 mok.plugin.augeas 0.14 Augeas API
2017-04-24 gamecontrollermt 1.2.18 Practical part of Master thesis. Rea-time game controller for games created in pygame, using this package.
2017-04-24 mok.plugin.ace 0.25 Ace editor
2017-04-24 apistar 0.1.12 Blazingly fast & beautifully expressive Web APIs
2017-04-24 mali 0.54

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