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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 133041 packages here.
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2018-03-22 genorm 0.1.18 GenORM (simple functional MySQL/PostgreSQL ORM)
2018-03-22 pySOM 0.1.3.dev0 Self-organizing Maps,SOM for python
2018-03-22 zc-common 0.4.8 Shared code for ZeroCater microservices
2018-03-22 appteka 0.1.2 All goods
2018-03-22 ladies_and_gentle_men_this_is_rehan 25.12.30 Simple calculator API hosted on APIMATIC
2018-03-22 fidia 0.4rc1 Format Independent Data Interface for Astronomy
2018-03-22 huefs 0.0.1a1 Philips Hue as a FUSE filesystem
2018-03-22 suntao-test-0 0.0.1 My short description for my project.
2018-03-22 resin-sdk 3.0.0 SDK for Python
2018-03-22 cunlp 0.2.0 Chulalongkorn University Natural Languages Processing Library (Beta)
2018-03-22 jf 0.4.2 Python jsonl query engine
2018-03-22 hcquant 0.0.20 utils for hcquant
2018-03-22 sql_connectors 0.3.3 A simple wrapper for SQL connections using SQLAlchemy and Pandas read_sql to standardize SQL workflow.
2018-03-22 antinex-core 1.0.13 AntiNex publisher-subscriber core for processing training and prediction requests for deep neural networks to detect network exploits using Keras and Tensorflow in near real-time.
2018-03-22 antinex-utils 1.0.8 AntiNex Utilities for Keras and Tensorflow
2018-03-22 bridgekeeper 0.4 Django permissions, but with QuerySets
2018-03-22 wagtailcommonblocks 0.1 Common StreamField blocks for Wagtail
2018-03-22 cloud-volume 0.12.1 Read and write neuroglancer Precomputed formats to cloud storage
2018-03-22 chance-soya 0.0.1 The python project for calculating financial indexes
2018-03-22 hilltop-py 1.0.10 Functions to extract data from Hilltop
2018-03-22 pantsbuild.pants.testinfra 1.5.1rc0 Test support for writing pants plugins.
2018-03-22 pantsbuild.pants.contrib.thrifty 1.5.1rc0 Microsoft Thrifty thrift generator pants plugins.
2018-03-22 pantsbuild.pants.contrib.scrooge 1.5.1rc0 Scrooge thrift generator pants plugins.
2018-03-22 pantsbuild.pants.contrib.scalajs 1.5.1rc0 scala.js support for pants.
2018-03-22 pantsbuild.pants.contrib.python.checks 1.5.1rc0 Additional python lints and checks.
2018-03-22 pantsbuild.pants.contrib.node 1.5.1rc0 Node.js support for pants.
2018-03-22 pantsbuild.pants.contrib.mypy 1.5.1rc0 mypy static type analyzer
2018-03-22 pantsbuild.pants.contrib.jax_ws 1.5.1rc0 JAX-WS Pants plugin
2018-03-22 pantsbuild.pants.contrib.go 1.5.1rc0 Go language support for pants.
2018-03-22 pantsbuild.pants.contrib.findbugs 1.5.1rc0 FindBugs pants plugin
2018-03-22 pantsbuild.pants.contrib.errorprone 1.5.1rc0 Error Prone pants plugin
2018-03-22 pantsbuild.pants.contrib.cpp 1.5.1rc0 C++ pants plugin.
2018-03-22 pantsbuild.pants.contrib.confluence 1.5.1rc0 Confluence pants plugin
2018-03-22 pantsbuild.pants.contrib.codeanalysis 1.5.1rc0 Support for various code analysis tools in Pants.
2018-03-22 pantsbuild.pants.contrib.buildgen 1.5.1rc0 Automatic manipulation of BUILD dependencies based on source analysis.
2018-03-22 pantsbuild.pants.contrib.avro 1.5.1rc0 Avro Java code generation support for pants
2018-03-22 1.5.1rc0 Android Pants plugin
2018-03-22 pantsbuild.pants 1.5.1rc0 A scalable build tool for large, complex, heterogeneous repos.
2018-03-22 Neu 1.1 中文自然语言处理工具包
2018-03-22 odoo9-addon-purchase-tier-validation Extends the functionality of Purchase Orders to support a tier validation process.

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