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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 67529 packages here.
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2015-10-06 pyvoronoi 0.0.1 Cython wrapper for the Boost Voronoi library (version 1.59.0)
2015-10-06 flake8-plone-api 0.6 Checks for code usages that can be replaced with Plone API method calls.
2015-10-06 tendril-gedaif-sym2eps 0.2.1 gEDA sym2eps Python Wrapper
2015-10-06 petsc 3.6.2 PETSc: Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation
2015-10-06 executor 7.0.1 Programmer friendly subprocess wrapper
2015-10-06 strawpoll 0.1 Create and manage Strawpoll polls
2015-10-06 arghandler 1.1.0 argparse extended with awesome feature enhancements to make life easier
2015-10-06 pyramid_subscribers_beaker_https_session 0.0.6 provides for a 'session_https' secure session object
2015-10-06 cinemaflix 1.4.0 A command line tool to find and play movies online
2015-10-06 pyramid_subscribers_cookiexfer 0.0.5 transfers cookies from request to response on exceptions
2015-10-06 django-awl 0.5.1 Miscellaneous django tools
2015-10-06 plone4.csrffixes 1.0.1 UNKNOWN
2015-10-06 dj-mongo-reader 0.98 A Django app can be used to query and render MongoDB data
2015-10-06 plone.protect 3.0.12 Security for browser forms
2015-10-06 myterm 0.0.9 module for add function in terminal
2015-10-06 asterisk-ami 0.0.1 Python AMI Client
2015-10-06 torrentutils 0.3.0 A parser for magnet links
2015-10-06 li-common 1.1.0 Lib para funcionalidades comuns aos aplicativos da Loja Integrada
2015-10-06 moratab 0.5.1 Persian markdown convertor.
2015-10-06 xddos 1.0b5
2015-10-06 graphql-core 0.0.1
2015-10-06 hg_delivery 0.7.5 HgDelivery is an easy way to deliver products for Mercurial and Git with a built in push/pull server, as well as repositories comparison
2015-10-06 EzDialog 1.5.2 A simple dialog window library for early Python programmers
2015-10-06 coala 0.3.0.dev20151006180248 Code Analysis Application (coala)
2015-10-06 serial_device2 1.4.2 Extends serial.Serial to add methods such as auto discovery of available serial ports in Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X
2015-10-06 modular_device 1.2.2 Interface to modular devices with auto creation of class methods and auto discovery of available modular devices in Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X
2015-10-06 li-api-flask 0.1.11 Loja Integrada's API Flask
2015-10-06 django-facebook-users 0.6.0 Django implementation for Facebook Graph API Users
2015-10-06 mightex_device 1.2.2 Interface to Mightex LED controllers.
2015-10-06 django-facebook-posts 0.6.0 Django implementation for Facebook Graph API Posts
2015-10-06 django-facebook-pages-statistic 0.6.0 Application for storing Facebook Pages statistic for different timesnaps
2015-10-06 django-facebook-pages 0.6.0 Django implementation for Facebook Graph API Pages
2015-10-06 yamlsettings 0.2.4 Yaml Settings Configuration Module
2015-10-06 django-facebook-applications 0.6.0 Django implementation for Facebook Graph API Applications
2015-10-06 mettler_toledo_device 1.3.2 Interface to Mettler Toledo balances and scales that use the Mettler Toledo Standard Interface Command Set (MT-SICS).
2015-10-06 bioshake_device 1.7.2 Interface to Q.instruments BioShake devices.
2015-10-06 django-pedantic-http-methods 1 Raises an exception when attempting to perform side effects in GET and HEAD HTTP methods.
2015-10-06 zaber_device 1.5.2 Interface to Zaber motorized linear slides.
2015-10-06 taiga-contrib-fas-openid-auth 0.3 The Taiga plugin for FAS authentication
2015-10-06 junos-eznc 1.2.3 Junos 'EZ' automation for non-programmers

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