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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 119813 packages here.
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2017-10-20 djangorestframework-simplejwt 3.1 A minimal JSON Web Token authentication plugin for Django REST Framework
2017-10-20 libsubmit 0.2.2 Uniform interface to clouds, clusters, grids and supercomputers.
2017-10-20 p4rr0t007 0.3.3 h1gh lEv3l fl4sk 4 h4x0rs
2017-10-20 pyCatapult 0.1.31 Python Interface to ECRS Catapult
2017-10-20 onelogin 1.0.0 OneLogin Python SDK. Use this API client to interact with OneLogin's platform
2017-10-20 pyconfiglib 1.1.8 Configuration for python made easy
2017-10-20 ccxt 1.9.220 A JavaScript / Python / PHP cryptocurrency trading library with support for 85+ exchanges
2017-10-20 ndex2-dev 0.0.1b16 Nice CX Python includes a client and a data model.
2017-10-20 pyexcel-webio 0.1.3 A generic request and response interface for pyexcel web extensions.
2017-10-20 animatai 0.0.20 Ecosystem with animats for development of Artificial General Intelligence
2017-10-20 cybot 1.1.0 Framework para telegram api bot.
2017-10-20 dig-indicator-incall 1.8 Domain: indicator
2017-10-20 sphinxcontrib-httpexample 0.7.0 Adds example directive for sphinx-contrib httpdomain
2017-10-20 batlab 0.5.0 Low level library for communication with the Batlab V1.0 Battery Testing System by Lexcelon
2017-10-20 pracode 0.0.2 tool for practicing coding skills against coding websites, e.g. leetcode, etc.
2017-10-20 pytplot 1.0.13 A python version of IDL tplot libraries
2017-10-20 drf-related-views 0.0.1 Related Views for Django Rest Framework
2017-10-20 bubble-dubble 2017.10.21 Azimuthal powder integration
2017-10-20 ilabs.client 0.0.5 Python client to connect to
2017-10-20 shellbot 17.10.20 A bot that is also a responsive shell
2017-10-20 setvar 1.0.3 Provide a bash-like method of setting environment vars
2017-10-20 codemach 0.4b18 very simple tool for executing python code objects
2017-10-20 dothub 0.16.0 Manage your github repo as code!
2017-10-20 cumulusci 2.0.0b68 Build and release tools for Salesforce developers
2017-10-20 PyNIT 0.1.5-1 Python NeuroImaging Toolkit
2017-10-20 PyBCY 2.2.8 Python Interface For API
2017-10-20 decor 2017.10.20 Detector corrections for azimuthal integration
2017-10-20 RUP 0.1.14
2017-10-20 integracio 2017.10.20 pyFAI on steroids
2017-10-20 wagtail-jsonschema-forms 0.1 Generate JsonSchema Forms from Wagtail's forms and validate it
2017-10-20 pyhiveapi 0.0.14 A Python library to interface with the Hive API
2017-10-20 lore 0.4.16 a framework for building and using data science
2017-10-20 ws-sheets-server 0.4.1b37 server for ws_sheets
2017-10-20 FireWorks 1.5.7 FireWorks workflow software
2017-10-20 hops 1.2.8 A helper library for Hops that facilitates development by hiding the complexity of discovering services and setting up security.
2017-10-20 ws-storage 0.6b23 pytohn binary storage
2017-10-20 pydivert 2.1.0 Python binding to windivert driver
2017-10-20 brightml 0.0.1 Machine Learned Auto brightness
2017-10-20 python-modularity-maximization 0.0.1rc3 Community detection using Newman spectral methods to maximize modularity
2017-10-20 google-resumable-media 0.3.1 Utilities for Google Media Downloads and Resumable Uploads

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