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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 114819 packages here.
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2017-08-17 malaffinity 2.4.0 Calculate affinity between MyAnimeList users
2017-08-17 openvpn-reconnect 1.0.0 Daemon para mentener el programa OpenVPN siempre funcionando
2017-08-17 appngizer 1.14.1 Python library for appNGizer webapplication
2017-08-17 os-service-types 1.1.0 Python library for consuming OpenStack sevice-types-authority data
2017-08-17 snipsskills Snips Skills Manager
2017-08-17 domovoi 1.2.2 AWS Lambda event handler manager
2017-08-17 s2reader 0.3.2 simple metadata reader for Sentinel-2 SAFE files
2017-08-17 pcreode 0.26 p-Creode algorithm for mapping state transitions
2017-08-17 otrebuilder 1.4.9 A simple tool to resolve OpenType fonts' mapping and naming issues, powered by fontTools.
2017-08-17 fa2l 0.1 Force Atlas 2 graph layout
2017-08-17 grammpy 1.1.5 Package for representing formal grammars.
2017-08-17 loady 1.6.5 loady lets you load Python libraries, JSON and raw text dynamically from git
2017-08-17 infusionsoft-client 1.5.0 Sexy Infusionsoft XML-RPC API client
2017-08-17 reportbro-lib 0.9.8 PDF and Excel report generation library
2017-08-17 digimat.saia 0.0.40 Digimat Saia EtherSBus (partial) client+server implementation
2017-08-17 django-dbfilestorage 0.9.2 Database backed file storage for testing.
2017-08-17 knor 0.0.1 A fast parallel k-means library for Linux and Mac
2017-08-17 hdx-data-freshness-emailer 0.15 HDX Data Freshness Emailer
2017-08-17 koala-serializer 0.3.0 A tool designed for creating serializable objects among different programming languages
2017-08-17 zc.recipe.egg 2.0.4 Recipe for installing Python package distributions as eggs
2017-08-17 django-easy-rest 0.9 A simple Django app to create rest applications
2017-08-17 scribd-downloader 0.1.3 A scribd-downloader that actually works
2017-08-17 pyswagger 0.8.35 A type-safe, dynamic, spec-compliant swagger client & converter for python
2017-08-17 aprodaku 0.1.3 Steveroku/steveda via apache
2017-08-17 aiounittest 0.4.1 Test asyncio code more easily.
2017-08-17 jpylyzer 1.18.0b4 JP2 (JPEG 2000 Part 1) image validator and properties extractor
2017-08-17 gcdt 0.1.436 Glomex Cloud Deployment Tools
2017-08-17 chatbotentities 0.0.2 Chatbot Entities Extractor.
2017-08-17 CUED_DataLogger 0.0.13 The CUED DataLogger for acquiring and analysing data
2017-08-17 invenio-sipstore 1.0.0a6 Submission Information Package store for Invenio.
2017-08-17 feincms3 0.19.0 feincms3
2017-08-17 cmdo-App 0.1 Cmdo: the command line todo list app
2017-08-17 kcp_net 0.1.39 kcp_net
2017-08-17 uPnPClient 0.0.1 Python 2 and 3 library for accessing uPnP devices. Based on the
2017-08-17 py_code_helpers 1.0.1 Code helpers
2017-08-17 invenio-sse 1.0.0a2 Invenio module for HTML5 server-sent events support.
2017-08-17 ganessa 1.7.8 Python interface to Piccolo and Picalor simulation kernel
2017-08-17 sickrage 9.1.5 Automatic Video Library Manager for TV Shows
2017-08-17 eventor 5.0.3 eventor is a python programming facility to program event based sequence of activities
2017-08-17 insta_browser parsing/automation/statistic

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