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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 79651 packages here.
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2016-04-30 scry-blast 0.6 A SCRY service to extend SPARQL with procedures that run NCBI's BLAST program
2016-04-30 scry-math 0.5 A simple SCRY service to extend SPARQL with basic math procedures
2016-04-30 reprep 2.8.2 Reproducible Reports
2016-04-30 you-get 0.4.390 Dumb downloader that scrapes the web
2016-04-30 django_mako_plus 3.3.4 Combines Django framework and Mako templating engine, plus a few bonuses.
2016-04-30 FlexGet 2.0.8 FlexGet is a program aimed to automate downloading or processing content (torrents, podcasts, etc.) from different sources like RSS-feeds, html-pages, various sites and more.
2016-04-30 hyperledger 0.1.0 Python client for Hyperledger.
2016-04-30 bxml 0.4.0 XML library
2016-04-30 dynamo3 0.4.8 Python 3 compatible library for DynamoDB
2016-04-30 h11 0.0.1
2016-04-30 subfind 4.0.0 Subtitle crawler written in Python
2016-04-30 openaps-contrib 0.0.6 openaps contrib namespace package
2016-04-30 seleniumbase 1.1.38 Reliable Browser Automation -
2016-04-30 python-weixin 0.1.3 Python Weixin API client
2016-04-30 hdbscan 0.7.3 Clustering based on density with variable density clusters
2016-04-30 django_th 0.13.2 Trigger Happy - take the control of your data with this bridge between your internet services
2016-04-30 picard_tool 0.55 call picard tools and store time/mem metrics in sqlitedb
2016-04-30 yac 0.92 yac portable services
2016-04-29 extBrightness 1.0.1 Extended brightness and gamma control for (external) screens on X11 systems
2016-04-29 jalcon 0.0.4 jalcon is a bootstrap framework for Falcon with MongoDB
2016-04-29 mdsplus-alpha 7.0.275 MDSplus Python Objects
2016-04-29 django-widgy 0.8.3
2016-04-29 tirith 0.1.0 Monitoring software
2016-04-29 ppmessage-mqtt 1.0.10 A Python mqtt server, originally developed at PPMessage.
2016-04-29 mrjob 0.5.1 Python MapReduce framework
2016-04-29 docker-py 1.8.1 Python client for Docker.
2016-04-29 pybythec 0.2.15 A lightweight cross-platform build system for c/c++, written in python
2016-04-29 pychemia 0.1.1 Python framework for Materials Discovery and Design
2016-04-29 uoftscrapers 0.6.1 University of Toronto public web scraping scripts.
2016-04-29 pyentrypoint 0.3.1 pyentrypoint manages entrypoints in Docker containers.
2016-04-29 py_knife 0.01.10 Swiss Army Knife
2016-04-29 li-repo 1.8.7b4 Loja Integrada's models for Django ORM.
2016-04-29 hszinc 0.0.7 Parser and dumper for Project Haystack ZINC (Zinc is not CSV) file format
2016-04-29 artikcloud 2.0.0 Artik Cloud API
2016-04-29 collective.argv0spy 0.1.0 Change process title to show current urls being processed
2016-04-29 tirith-server 0.1.0 Monitoring software
2016-04-29 jcore-api 1.0.dev2 API
2016-04-29 pepval 1.2 UNKNOWN
2016-04-29 c7n 0.8.4 Cloud Custodian - Policy Rules Engine
2016-04-29 amfm 0.1 A library for multidimensional AM-FM demodulation

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