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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 87251 packages here.
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2016-08-25 find-scripts 0.0.18 find script files
2016-08-25 django-tutelary 0.1.17 Policy-based permissions for Django.
2016-08-25 spherical-functions 2016.08.25.dev184883638 Python/numba implementation of Wigner D Matrices, spin-weighted spherical harmonics, and associated functions
2016-08-25 pysmartclient 0.9.0 A smartClient wrapper
2016-08-25 find-python 0.0.17 find python executables
2016-08-25 coala-bears 0.9.0.dev20160825181715 Bears for coala (Code Analysis Application)
2016-08-25 bigchaindb-driver 0.0.2.dev5 Python driver for BigchainDB
2016-08-25 lcps 0.3.dev30 Light Curve Pre-Selection
2016-08-25 find-pip 0.0.48 find pip scripts
2016-08-25 peewee 2.8.3 a little orm
2016-08-25 find-import 0.0.1 find python imports
2016-08-25 find-and-run-scripts 0.0.57 find and run scripts :)
2016-08-25 Dock-command 0.0.12 Dock commands (OS X)
2016-08-25 distname 0.0.18 distname(object) - get distribution name
2016-08-25 dirpath 0.0.20 dirpath(path) function - get path directory
2016-08-25 dict 0.0.19 dict replacement
2016-08-25 devfiles 0.0.16 dotfiles + publicfiles + rootfiles management
2016-08-25 Desktop-command 0.0.8 Desktop commands (OS X)
2016-08-25 curl-status 0.0.19 get url http status
2016-08-25 curl-md5 0.0.15 curl md5
2016-08-25 curl-content-length 0.0.16 get url Content-Length
2016-08-25 elex 2.0.11 Client for parsing the Associated Press's elections API
2016-08-25 cp 0.0.19 cp(source,target,force=True) function
2016-08-25 fredpy 2.0.1 A package for downloading and working with data from Federal Reserve Economic Data
2016-08-25 conf 0.0.19 config class
2016-08-25 jobspy 0.25.2 Use Redis as a job input/output coordinator.
2016-08-25 concat-sh-files 0.0.17 concat .sh files
2016-08-25 compare-images 0.1.14 compare images
2016-08-25 django-bulbs 3.12.3 America's Finest Namespace
2016-08-25 comment 0.0.20 comment_get(path), comment_set(path,comment) functions - Finder path comment (OSX)
2016-08-25 classifiers 0.0.23 classifiers list from
2016-08-25 package-oncom 0.7 Cuma latihan upload package 1
2016-08-25 char2int 0.0.7 char to int
2016-08-25 caller_module 0.0.23 caller_module(depth=0) - get caller module
2016-08-25 cached 0.0.20 cached(function) - cache function
2016-08-25 backup2github 0.0.20 backup local repos to github
2016-08-25 assert_exists 0.0.19 assert_exists(*paths) - raise AssertionError if path not exists
2016-08-25 app-pid 0.0.20 get app pid (OS X)
2016-08-25 app-hide 0.0.19 hide app (OS X)
2016-08-25 app-frontmost 0.0.9 get name of frontmost application (OS X)

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