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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 62308 packages here.
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2015-07-03 keyjen 0.2.0 Key Generator
2015-07-03 reHCstar 2.1.0 A SAT-based program to compute a haplotype configuration on pedigrees with recombinations, genotyping errors, and missing genotypes over biallelic and multi-allelic loci.A haplotype-based approach for predicting gene alleles using SNP genotypes.
2015-07-03 0.2.2 OneGov web application for small towns.
2015-07-03 django-bananas 1.0.9b2 Django Bananas - Django extensions the monkey way
2015-07-03 edeposit.amqp.ltp 0.11.2 E-Deposit's AMQP binding to Long Time Preservation system.
2015-07-03 dojson 0.1.0 DoJSON is a simple Pythonic JSON to JSON converter.
2015-07-03 marcxml2mods 0.2.3 Conversion from MARCXML/OAI to MODS, which is used in NK CZ.
2015-07-03 odoo-ook 4.0.0 UNKNOWN
2015-07-03 django-mailer 1.0 A reusable Django app for queuing the sending of email
2015-07-03 flask-nav 0.1.dev1 Easily create navigation for Flask applications.
2015-07-03 stackhut 0.1.1 Run your software in the cloud
2015-07-03 python-openevse 0.1a1 Control OpenEVSE boards
2015-07-03 facerec 1.0 facerec framework
2015-07-03 yard-framework 3.4.0 Yet Another Resftul Django framework
2015-07-03 pyscaffold 2.3rc3 Tool for easily putting up the scaffold of a Python project
2015-07-03 onegov.people 0.0.1 People for OneGov.
2015-07-03 unchaindjango 0.0.1 Unchain Django - PySchool
2015-07-03 kern 10 KERN - CLI, XMPP, IRC, UDP, RSS, REST, SPIDER
2015-07-03 grafilter 0.4.0 Helps you explore and graph all your metrics as a supplement to dashboard solutions like Grafana
2015-07-03 sail 0.5.1 Sailabove CLI - Docker hosting
2015-07-03 anycall 0.2.4 Remote Prodecure Call library using the Twisted framework.
2015-07-03 coil 1.3.3 A user-friendly CMS frontend for Nikola.
2015-07-03 commandRunner 0.2.6 Allows object oriented running of code/commands
2015-07-03 wagtail 1.0rc2 A Django content management system focused on flexibility and user experience
2015-07-03 tutum CLI for Tutum
2015-07-03 python-tutum Python Library for Tutum
2015-07-03 fifo 0.0.3 A simple redis based task queue for python
2015-07-03 django-experiments 1.0.0 Python Django AB Testing Framework
2015-07-03 aiohttp_debugtoolbar 0.0.3 debugtoolbar for aiohttp
2015-07-03 django-maintenancemode 0.10.1 Django-maintenancemode allows you to temporary shutdown your site for maintenance work
2015-07-03 microstacknode 0.4.5 The Microstack node functions module.
2015-07-03 empowering 0.15.2 Python library for the Empowering REST API.
2015-07-03 grapheekdb 0.0.20 GrapheekDB is a pure Python graph database which is fast and lightweight
2015-07-03 carbonstat 0.4.1 Metric collection agent for Carbon
2015-07-03 fastcluster 1.1.17 Fast hierarchical clustering routines for R and Python.
2015-07-03 easy-alert 0.0.4 Super Simple Process Monitoring Tool
2015-07-03 j01.validate 0.5.2 JQuery beasd validation framework for z3c.form based widget
2015-07-03 glueviz 0.5.0 Multidimensional data visualzation across files
2015-07-03 pytextparser 0.1.0 Python text parser which provides simple, reliable methods for performing standard text processing operations
2015-07-03 webhose 0.1.4 Simple client library for the REST API

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