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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 79671 packages here.
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2016-04-30 autouseragents 0.5.1 A simple script to easily generate browser/robot User-Agent.
2016-04-30 data_looper 1.2 A tool for looping
2016-04-30 cchen224-ec2 0.0.35 cc personal use for AWS
2016-04-30 image2ipfs 0.0.3 Publish your docker image archives to IPFS
2016-04-30 utvsapitoken 0.0.2 OAuth2 token validation for UTVS API
2016-04-30 html5validator 0.2.2 Validate HTML5 files.
2016-04-30 sqlplus_commando 0.1.2 sqlplus_commando is an Oracle command line driver calling sqlplus
2016-04-30 messenger_bot A bot that interfaces with several different messenger services
2016-04-30 coala 0.7.0.dev20160430141420 Code Analysis Application (coala)
2016-04-30 errorpro 0.1.0 calculates physical quantities from data including units and error propagation.
2016-04-30 owncloud_news_updater 8.4.0 ownCloud News updater - Fast updates for your RSS/Atom feeds
2016-04-30 ssh-agent-crypto 0.5.1 Friendly ssh-agent signature based cipher
2016-04-30 comparem 0.0.11 A toolbox for comparative genomics.
2016-04-30 beatle 0.0.4 A development environment made in python
2016-04-30 evolspace 0.1.5.post1 Routines implementing the evolutionary space framework
2016-04-30 inthing 0.1.4 share realtime streams of events on
2016-04-30 tendenci 7.2.8 Tendenci - A CMS for Nonprofits
2016-04-30 humilis 0.4.5 Helps you deploy infrastructure in the AWS cloud
2016-04-30 hypothesislegacysupport 3.1.2 UNKNOWN
2016-04-30 hypothesis 3.1.2 A library for property based testing
2016-04-30 cli-bdd 0.0.4 BDD for command-line applications
2016-04-30 CherryPy 5.2.0 Object-Oriented HTTP framework
2016-04-30 commute 0.1 helps users who travel across multiple modes of transport and multiple waypoints to make data-based decisions about which route to use and prefer at a given time or at a given time in future.
2016-04-30 visionarypm 3.0.4 A smarter password manager.
2016-04-30 fut 0.1.10 fut is a simple library for managing Fifa Ultimate Team.
2016-04-30 jenkins-cli 0.1.2 Commandline interface for Jenkins
2016-04-30 gshell 2.4.1 Tool to handle google drive as shell
2016-04-30 dispatching-dns 0.0.14 A simple suboptimal dns server which forward requests to multiple servers according to domains
2016-04-30 aiokafka 0.1.2 Kafka integration with asyncio.
2016-04-30 dnsdiag 1.2.1 DNS Diagnostics and measurement tools (ping, traceroute)
2016-04-30 applite 0.0.5 Apps Management based on Python 3, Tornado and torlite.
2016-04-30 meds 1145 Mishandeling gepleegd door toediening van voor het leven of de gezondheid schadelijke stoffen.
2016-04-30 humilis-filter-session 0.2.5 Identifies session-generating events in a Kinesis event stream
2016-04-30 torlite 0.5.8 CMS based on Python 3 and Tornado. Flexible, extensible web CMS framework built on Tornado, Peewee and Purecss, compatible with Python 3.4 and 3.5. Kernel of TorCMS.
2016-04-30 easy_mtorrent 0.1 Easy movie torrent download with best leech and quality
2016-04-30 pandarss 0.2 ToughRADIUS Self-service Portal
2016-04-30 respy 0.0.12 respy is a Python package for the solution, simulation, and estimation of the prototypical dynamic discrete choice model.
2016-04-30 patsi 0.2 Python ANSI Terminal Styling Interface
2016-04-30 libclang-py3 3.4.0 Python3 bindings for libclang
2016-04-30 distlib 0.2.3 Distribution utilities

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