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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 109208 packages here.
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2017-05-28 cassandras3 0.0.1 Cassandra S3 Backup, List and Restore
2017-05-28 django-views 1.0.0 A django class based view collection
2017-05-28 betfairlightweight 1.2.2 Lightweight python wrapper for Betfair API-NG
2017-05-28 asynqp-consumer 0.2.1 Consumer utility class for AMQP
2017-05-28 pycloudfn 0.1.99 GCP Cloud functions in python
2017-05-28 ykdl 1.4.10 a video downloader written in Python
2017-05-28 anom 0.3.2 anom is an object mapper for Google Cloud Datastore.
2017-05-28 appenginetaskutils 0.2.4 Utilities for using appengine tasks. Inspired by deferred.
2017-05-28 npcompare 0.12.0 Nonparametric methods for density estimation and comparison
2017-05-28 g3ar 0.5.5 Python Coding Toolkit for Pentester.
2017-05-28 reclaimer 1.1.17 A libray of SupyrStruct structures and objects for games built with the Blam engine
2017-05-28 osrframework 0.16.6 OSRFramework - A set of GPLv3+ OSINT tools developed by i3visio analysts for online research.
2017-05-28 xcessiv 0.1.6 A web-based application for quick and scalable construction of massive machine learning ensembles.
2017-05-28 mtg-ssm 1.3.5 A tool to manage Magic: the Gathering collection spreadsheets.
2017-05-28 django-filebrowser-no-grappelli 3.7.1 Media-Management no Grappelli
2017-05-28 cotede 0.19.0 Quality Control of Temperature and Salinity profiles
2017-05-28 features 0.5.7 Feature set algebra for linguistics
2017-05-28 pyflash 0.2.2 Get flash like superpowers by automating everyday tasks!
2017-05-28 quadriga-bot 0.0.7 Python Bot for QuadrigaCX
2017-05-28 rm-protection 0.1.3 A safe alternative for "rm" with minimum difference.
2017-05-28 FlexGet 2.10.55 FlexGet is a program aimed to automate downloading or processing content (torrents, podcasts, etc.) from different sources like RSS-feeds, html-pages, various sites and more.
2017-05-28 geniuslyrics 0.1 A lyrics scraper for Genius
2017-05-28 prawcore 0.11.0 Low-level communication layer for PRAW 4+.
2017-05-28 quadriga 1.3.1 Python Wrapper for QuadrigaCX API v2
2017-05-28 gpymusic 1.0.1 A simple TUI client for Google Play Music
2017-05-28 sqliteschema 0.9.0 A python library to dump table schema of a SQLite database file.
2017-05-28 pyprime 1.03.02 Base module for accessing Cisco PI API
2017-05-28 humilis-kinesis-processor 1.0.9 Humilis kinesis stream processor plugin
2017-05-28 fileconfig 0.5.5 Config file sections as objects
2017-05-28 lycon 0.1.9 A minimal and fast image library
2017-05-28 ctdl 1.4.6 Bulk file downloader on any topic.
2017-05-28 django-connectwise 0.0.47a0 Django app for working with ConnectWise. Defines models (tickets, members, companies, etc.) and callbacks.
2017-05-28 stackinabox 0.10 RESTful API Testing Suite
2017-05-28 qtip 5.0.0.dev96 Platform Performance Benchmarking
2017-05-28 marshmallow-select 1.0.3 make sqlalchemy select fields with marshmallow schemas
2017-05-28 ffmpeg-python 0.1.4 Python bindings for FFmpeg - with support for complex filtering
2017-05-28 akamodel 0.0.0 UNKNOWN
2017-05-28 requests 2.16.5 Python HTTP for Humans.
2017-05-28 odoo9-addon-web-widget-image-webcam Allows to take image with WebCam
2017-05-28 odoo9-addon-web-timeline Interactive visualization chart to show events in time

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