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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 65362 packages here.
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2015-08-28 expiredict 1.7 Support Expire and Max length Dict
2015-08-28 castra 0.1.4 On-disk partitioned store
2015-08-28 bl 0.1
2015-08-28 logcounter 2.0 no-block count log success and error sum num
2015-08-28 pyLruCache 1.1.0 use Lru for dict cache.
2015-08-28 pyretimetout 2.0.0 A micro library for timeout and retry operations.
2015-08-28 Control_DB_date 1.1.4 get dbname from date and dbname , According to the monthly
2015-08-28 pylfu 1.2.1 python Lfu cache service
2015-08-28 nester_ouy 1.0.0 A simple printer of nested lists
2015-08-28 newslynx 1.1.2 A modular toolkit for analytics.
2015-08-28 dichalcogenides 0.0.0 Dichalcogenides analysis package.
2015-08-28 intspan 1.5.0 Sets of integers like 1,3-7,33
2015-08-28 mwget 1.2.2 support threading download file
2015-08-28 ben 0.1
2015-08-28 keyor 1.0.0 A simple printer of nester lists
2015-08-28 pynoise 1.2.7 An implementation of libnoise in python. Allows the creation of verious noise maps using a series of interconnected noise modules.
2015-08-28 datalake 0.0.47 datalake: a metadata-aware archive
2015-08-28 Pyvolve 0.6.5 Sequence simulation along phylogenies according to continuous-time Markov models
2015-08-28 Pi-Pin-Manager 3.0.1 Setup Raspberry Pi GPIO pins using a configuration file, not boilerplate.
2015-08-28 appdynamics-bindeps-osx-x64 Dependencies for AppDynamics Python agent
2015-08-28 appdynamics-bindeps-linux-x86 Dependencies for AppDynamics Python agent
2015-08-28 appdynamics-bindeps-linux-x64 Dependencies for AppDynamics Python agent
2015-08-28 django-pile 0.7.3 A pile of django code for common use over multiple websites.
2015-08-28 appdynamics Python agent for AppDynamics
2015-08-28 ncpol2sdpa 1.9 A converter from polynomial optimization problems of commutative or noncommutative variables to semidefinite programming relaxations.
2015-08-28 fiql-parser 0.12 Python parser for the Feed Item Query Language (FIQL).
2015-08-28 bsnstacklib 7.0.1 Big Switch Networks Plugins for OpenStack Networking
2015-08-28 dogu 0.5.2 Dogu server, Implementation of dogu interface which is extension of wsgi for HTTP/2.0
2015-08-28 DeepCL 8.0.0 python wrapper for DeepCL deep convolutional neural network library for OpenCL
2015-08-28 dropbox 3.22 Official Dropbox API Client
2015-08-28 pyramid_formencode_classic 0.1.6 an implementation of the classic pylons formencode validation, for pyramid
2015-08-28 botocore 1.1.11 Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3.
2015-08-28 awscli 1.8.0 Universal Command Line Environment for AWS.
2015-08-28 url-for-s3 0.1.2 Python function that generates a URL to a given S3 resource.
2015-08-28 DeepCL 8.0.0rc9 python wrapper for DeepCL deep convolutional neural network library for OpenCL
2015-08-28 s3-saver 0.1.4 Utility class in Python for finding, saving, and deleting files that are either on Amazon S3, or on the local filesystem.
2015-08-28 sphere2cube 0.1.7 Utility to map an equirectangular (cylindrical projection; skysphere) map into 6 cube (cubemap; skybox) faces
2015-08-28 flask-admin-s3-upload 0.1.3 Field types for allowing file and image uploads to Amazon S3 (as well as default local storage) in Flask-Admin.
2015-08-27 django-address 0.1.4 A django application for describing addresses.
2015-08-27 programmabletuple 0.5.0 Python metaclass for making named tuples with programmability

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