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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 57453 packages here.
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To use a package from this index either "pip install package" (get pip) or download, unpack and "python install" it.

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2015-04-02 qtutils 1.6.0 Utilities for providing concurrent access to Qt objects, simplified QSettings storage, and dynamic widget promotion when loading UI files, in Python Qt applications. Also includes the Fugue icon set, by Yusuke Kamiyamane
2015-04-02 pywb 0.9.3 Python WayBack for web archive replay and live web proxy
2015-04-02 pkgcore 0.9 package managing framework
2015-04-01 DeepCL 1.0.2 python wrapper for DeepCL deep convolutional neural network library for OpenCL
2015-04-01 snakeoil 0.6.2 misc common functionality and useful optimizations
2015-04-01 furl 0.4.5 URL manipulation made simple.
2015-04-01 orderedmultidict 0.7.5 Ordered Multivalue Dictionary - omdict.
2015-04-01 decocare 0.0.9 Audit, inspect, and command MM insulin pumps.
2015-04-01 MechanicalSoup 0.3.0 A Python library for automating interaction with websites
2015-04-01 nailgun 0.5.0 A library that facilitates easy usage of the Satellite 6 API
2015-04-01 django-ecl-tools 0.0.9 EdgeCaseLabs' Django Tools
2015-04-01 benchpress 0.6 Collection of benchmarks and tools for running them.
2015-04-01 coffeetools 0.1.2 Tools for using CoffeeScript with Python.
2015-04-01 nimoy 0.0.1 Python3 Database Access Layer with Simple Functions and Dictionaries
2015-04-01 trclient 0.0.1 Python client for TestRail REST API
2015-04-01 emonoda 1.7.0 The set of tools to organize and manage your torrents
2015-04-01 boxsdk 1.1.4 Official Box Python SDK
2015-04-01 alicat 0.1.5 Python driver for Alicat mass flow controllers.
2015-04-01 django-gipsy 1.1.2 A set of fancy tools for django.
2015-04-01 pyiso 0.1.15 Python client libraries for ISO and other power grid data sources.
2015-04-01 zaber.serial 0.2 A library for communicating with Zaber devices
2015-04-01 Wooey 0.0.3 Simple Web UIs for Python Scripts
2015-04-01 aiotarantool 1.0.3 Tarantool connection driver for work with asyncio
2015-04-01 guardrail 0.1.0 An extensible library for managing object-level permissions with support for SQLAlchemy, Peewee, Pony, and Django.
2015-04-01 checkio_docker 0.0.14 Build docker images from CheckiO mission module
2015-04-01 vulndb 0.0.7 Provides access to the vulndb information
2015-04-01 wirecloud 0.7.0 Widgets Container and Mashup edition tools for composing end-user centric mashup applications.
2015-04-01 stormpath 2.0.3 Official Stormpath SDK, used to interact with the Stormpath REST API.
2015-04-01 infogram 0.1.0 Unofficial Python library for API
2015-04-01 tikitiki 0.1 Cross-platform widget toolkit for tkinter python GUIs
2015-04-01 mochi Dynamically typed functional programming language
2015-04-01 sw-django-utils 0.0.3 Soft Way company django utils.
2015-04-01 syncloud-image-ci 0.61 Syncloud Continuous Integration
2015-04-01 mozrepl 1.0.5 Firefox MozREPL Add-on에 접근하기 위한 인터페이스를 제공합니다.
2015-04-01 aiohttp_jinja2 0.3.1 jinja2 template renderer for aiohttp.web (http server for asyncio)
2015-04-01 travis-tools 1.16 Travis Tools
2015-04-01 pytest-trello 0.0.1 Plugin for py.test that integrates trello using markers
2015-04-01 basecrm 0.1 Base CRM API client, Python edition.
2015-04-01 django-spirit 0.2.0 Spirit is a Python based forum powered by Django.
2015-04-01 relengapi 2.0.1 The code behind

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