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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 74226 packages here.
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2016-02-08 hangups 0.3.4 the first third-party instant messaging client for Google Hangouts
2016-02-08 yac 0.77 Your Automated Cloud
2016-02-08 oslo.config 3.5.0 Oslo Configuration API
2016-02-08 slimurl 0.6.0 SlimURL - Fast library for parsing and building URL addresses
2016-02-08 crowdrouter 1.5.2 A framework for architecting tasks to the crowd.
2016-02-08 rglogger 1.1.0 Use Python's standard logging library to send messages to Raygun (
2016-02-08 svtplay-dl 0.30.2016.2.8 Command-line program to download videos from various video on demand sites
2016-02-08 Pypsy 0.1.3 Electrodermal activity processing and analysis
2016-02-08 pybinding 0.7.1 Package for tight-binding calculations
2016-02-08 fleece 0.1.2 Wrap the lamb...da
2016-02-08 commandlib 0.1.3 Command runner for human beings.
2016-02-08 km3pipe 1.2.2 An analysis framework for KM3NeT
2016-02-08 eems eems - easy energy monitoring system
2016-02-08 toil 3.1.3a1.dev23 Pipeline management software for clusters.
2016-02-08 tubing 0.0.2.post104 Python I/O pipe utilities
2016-02-08 Tailbone 0.4.39 Backoffice Web Application for Rattail
2016-02-08 rattail_locsms 0.5.0 Rattail Software Interfaces for LOC SMS
2016-02-08 txdocumint 16.0.1 Twisted Python clj-documint client implementation
2016-02-08 django-clamd 0.3.2 django-clamd is a django integration with Clamd (Clamav daemon).
2016-02-08 turberfield-ipc 0.13.0 A Distributed Inter-Process Control Facility from the Turberfield project.
2016-02-08 rattail 0.6.0 Retail Software Framework
2016-02-08 pypcappy 0.0.1b Pure Python3 PcapNg reader
2016-02-08 messageconnoisseur 0.1.0 Message log parser and message processor
2016-02-08 PyNLPl PyNLPl, pronounced as 'pineapple', is a Python library for Natural Language Processing. It contains various modules useful for common, and less common, NLP tasks. PyNLPl can be used for basic tasks such as the extraction of n-grams and frequency lists, and to build simple language model. There are also more complex data types and algorithms. Moreover, there are parsers for file formats common in NLP (e.g. FoLiA/Giza/Moses/ARPA/Timbl/CQL). There are also clients to interface with various NLP specific servers. PyNLPl most notably features a very extensive library for working with FoLiA XML (Format for Linguistic Annotation).
2016-02-08 chromogenic 0.1.10 A unified imaging interface supporting multiple cloud providers.
2016-02-08 yet-another-django-profiler 1.0.3 Django middleware for performance profiling directly from the browser
2016-02-08 db-migrator 0.0.3 Python package to migrate postgresql database
2016-02-08 Assign-GUP 2016.0208.0 Assist in assigning APS GUPs to PRP members
2016-02-08 nls 0.1.0 NLS: Non-Linear Schrodinger equation solver.
2016-02-08 errors 0.1.dev0 UNKNOWN
2016-02-08 poirot 0.1.0 Investigate a Git repository's revision history to find text patterns.
2016-02-08 sickrage 7.0.22 Automatic Video Library Manager for TV Shows
2016-02-08 commandlines 0.2.2 A Python command line parser
2016-02-08 django-server-status 0.2.0 Monitor server status with a healthcheck.
2016-02-08 coala 0.4.1.dev20160208193456 Code Analysis Application (coala)
2016-02-08 enstaller 4.8.11 Install and managing tool for egg-based packages
2016-02-08 sendgrid 1.6.22 SendGrid library for Python
2016-02-08 hdu 0.2.1 Human-friendly summary of disk usage.
2016-02-08 pyqtool 0.0.2 Search Python code using jQuery-like selectors
2016-02-08 klue-client-server 0.0.3 Swagger + Flask + Grequests + Bravado = Client/Server auto-spawning

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