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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 70384 packages here.
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2015-12-01 jupyter_declarativewidgets 0.2.0 IPython / Jupyter extensions for supporting declarative widgets
2015-12-01 python-keystoneclient 2.0.0 Client Library for OpenStack Identity
2015-12-01 ayab 0.8 GUI for Machine assisted Knitting.
2015-12-01 limnoria 2015.11.30 A modified version of Supybot (an IRC bot and framework)
2015-12-01 visci 0.1 visualization standard file structure for continuous integration
2015-12-01 keystoneauth1 2.0.0 Authentication Library for OpenStack Identity
2015-12-01 pycadf 2.0.0 CADF Library
2015-12-01 keystonemiddleware 4.0.0 Middleware for OpenStack Identity
2015-12-01 canmatrix 0.1 UNKNOWN
2015-12-01 pycomlink 0.0.6 Python tools for MW link data processing
2015-12-01 jupyter_declarativewidgets 0.1.1 IPython / Jupyter extensions for supporting declarative widgets
2015-12-01 0.1.0 UNKNOWN
2015-12-01 git-guilt 0.31 git-guilt provides information on the transfer of ownership in a Git repository
2015-12-01 rattail_locsms 0.4.28 Rattail Software Interfaces for LOC SMS
2015-12-01 glance_store 0.10.0 OpenStack Image Service Store Library
2015-12-01 atodorov-test 0.3.3 Dummy test package, please ignore.
2015-12-01 vertica-python 0.5.4 A native Python client for the Vertica database.
2015-12-01 btzen 0.0.3 BTZen - Bluetooh Smart sensor reading library
2015-12-01 Flask-RESTy 0.5.2 Building blocks for REST APIs for Flask
2015-12-01 collective.stats 1.0.2 Zope low level stats per request.
2015-12-01 wurfl-cloud 1.1.1 ScientiaMobile WURFL Cloud Client for Python
2015-12-01 rtwo 0.2.16 A unified interface into multiple cloud providers.
2015-12-01 python-cinderclient 1.5.0 OpenStack Block Storage API Client Library
2015-12-01 librato-python-web 0.1.6 Librato Python Agent. Copyright (c) 2015 Librato, Inc All Rights Reserved
2015-12-01 primer3-py 0.4.3 Python bindings for Primer3
2015-12-01 Flask-RestPoints 0.0.8 Adds some common health check endpoints (ping, time, status)
2015-12-01 lcse 5.2.1 Python modules for reading formats produced by LCSE codes
2015-12-01 jupyter_dashboards 0.2.0 IPython / Jupyter extensions to enable dashboard creation and deployment
2015-12-01 birding 0.2.1 Stream twitter searches using the public API.
2015-12-01 nsnitro 1.0.35 A simple library to control Citrix Netscaler 9.2+ with NITRO API.
2015-12-01 libcontractvm Contractvm client library
2015-12-01 ambry-censuslib 0.0.6 Common support for building census bundles
2015-12-01 evohomeclient 0.2.4 Python client for connecting to the Evohome webservice
2015-12-01 ambry-sources 0.1.6 Ambry Partition Message Pack File
2015-12-01 pyardrone 0.5.0.dev1 Controlling Parrot AR.Drone with Python
2015-12-01 ironic-lib 0.5.0 Ironic common library
2015-12-01 python-ceilometerclient 1.1.2 OpenStack Telemetry API Client Library
2015-12-01 mlbgame 0.2.2 An API to retrieve and read MLB GameDay JSON and XML data
2015-12-01 simple-configparser ConfigParser subclass for config files with no sections.
2015-12-01 eventsourcing 0.9.3 Event sourcing in Python

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