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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 67671 packages here.
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2015-10-09 Flask-API 0.6.4 Browsable web APIs for Flask.
2015-10-09 print_lol_ct 1.0.0 A simple printer of nested lists
2015-10-09 pagarme-python 2.1.1 Python
2015-10-09 pre_commit 0.6.1 A framework for managing and maintaining multi-language pre-commit hooks.
2015-10-09 streamcorpus_pipeline 0.7.15.dev5 Tools for building streamcorpus objects, such as those used in TREC.
2015-10-09 httpmultipart 0.1.0 A httpmultipart post handler
2015-10-09 jsonrpclib 0.1.6 This project is an implementation of the JSON-RPC v2.0 specification (backwards-compatible) as a client library.
2015-10-09 mezzanine-smartling 0.1 Send Mezzanine Page and Django model contents to Smartling for translations. When the translation is finished the page is saved into an admin view in which it pends for site specific approval.
2015-10-09 mpseudo 0.0.1 Computation of pseudospectra of square matrices in parallel
2015-10-09 mesos.interface 0.21.2 Mesos interfaces
2015-10-09 mesos.interface 0.22.2 Mesos interfaces
2015-10-09 vos 2.1 Tools for interacting with CADC VOSpace.
2015-10-09 byrlogin 1.1.3 北邮人登录网关脚本
2015-10-09 django-email-extras 0.3.2 A Django reusable app providing the ability to send PGP encrypted and multipart emails using the Django templating system.
2015-10-09 django-daterange-filter 1.2.0 Allow to filter by a custom date range on the Django Admin
2015-10-09 nylas 1.1.0 Python bindings for Nylas, the next-generation email platform.
2015-10-09 charmy 0.1 PyCharm installer.
2015-10-09 graphene 0.1.3 Graphene: Python DSL for GraphQL
2015-10-09 osc2mqtt 0.2b2 An OSC to MQTT bridge based on pyliblo and paho-mqtt.
2015-10-09 chisubmit 1.0.4 A system for managing assignments and teams in university courses
2015-10-09 openpromela 0.0.2 Generalized reactive(1) synthesis from Promela specifications.
2015-10-09 bond 2.0.0 Spy-based testing library
2015-10-09 atlassian-jwt-auth 2.1.0 Python implementation of the Atlassian Service to Service Authentication specification.
2015-10-09 nidaba 0.6.1 Expandable and scalable OCR pipeline
2015-10-09 plotchecker 0.1.0 A set of utilities for testing matplotlib plots in an object-oriented manner.
2015-10-09 horizon-ssmc-link 1.0.12 Horizon to HP Storage Plug-in
2015-10-09 opencivicdata-django 0.7.1 python opencivicdata library
2015-10-08 projectoxford 0.1.2 This project extends the Project Oxford API surface to support Python.
2015-10-08 linqpy 0.0.2 Simple implementation of .NET Linq in python list.
2015-10-08 linearizedGP 1.0 Implementation of the extended and unscented Gaussian processes.
2015-10-08 pupa 0.5.0 scraping framework for muncipal data
2015-10-08 django-acl 0.1.3 ACL (Action Control List) permission handling.
2015-10-08 django-versioned-static-url 0.5 A template tag for generating a URL for a static file, with a version string which will be effectively unique based on the contents of the file.
2015-10-08 django-iplant-auth 0.0.3 Authentication support for iPlantCollaborative.
2015-10-08 dataone.generic_member_node 2.0.3.dev3 DataONE Generic Member Node (GMN)
2015-10-08 pgraph 0.5.0 Drawing graph of the dependencies of Python packages
2015-10-08 Confopy Evaluates the linguistic and structural quality of scientific texts.
2015-10-08 netcdf 0.1.7 A python library that allow to use one or multiple NetCDF files in a transparent way through polimorphic methods.
2015-10-08 trytond_magento Tryton Magento Integration
2015-10-08 omega 0.0.3 Algorithms related to omega regular languages.

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