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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 89681 packages here.
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2016-09-29 inform 1.4.1 print & logging utilities for communicating with user
2016-09-29 blockade 0.3.0 Blockade: network fault testing with Docker
2016-09-29 django-swstags 0.7.9
2016-09-29 incuna-surveys 0.11.0 Allows the creation of custom questionnaires and surveys via the Django admin.
2016-09-29 dialogue 0.0
2016-09-29 tripleo-puppet-elements Puppet building rules for OpenStack images.
2016-09-29 pysmooch 0.0
2016-09-29 tripleo-common 5.2.0 A common library for TripleO workflows.
2016-09-29 ggplot 0.11.5 ggplot for python
2016-09-29 tripleo-heat-templates Heat templates for deploying OpenStack with OpenStack.
2016-09-29 Mroylib 1.1.1 some lib
2016-09-29 instack-undercloud instack-undercloud
2016-09-29 python-tripleoclient 5.2.0 TripleO client
2016-09-29 os-net-config OpenStack network configuration
2016-09-29 crosspm 0.8.1.dev102 Cross Package Manager
2016-09-29 tripleo-image-elements Disk image builder elements for deploying OpenStack.
2016-09-29 os-collect-config Collect and cache metadata, run hooks on changes.
2016-09-29 vdirsyncer 0.13.0 Synchronize calendars and contacts
2016-09-29 uw-tools 0.0.5 A collection of useful scripts
2016-09-29 fragforce 0.1 Simulates the motion and surface forces of a fluid ellipsoid in shear flow.
2016-09-29 django-wagtail-feeds 0.0.4 Support RSS Feeds, Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News
2016-09-29 appnexus-client 0.2.2 appnexus-client is a python wrapper for the Appnexus API
2016-09-29 hidash 0.1.35 A Django app to generate google charts, excel and pdf straight from the database.
2016-09-29 conductr-cli 0.35 A CLI client for Typesafe ConductR
2016-09-29 pytzdata 2016.7 Official Olson tzdata database for Python.
2016-09-29 minica 0.0.1 Yet another neural net library. :)
2016-09-29 jenkins-epo 1.54 Jenkins EPO
2016-09-29 rhubarbe 0.9.18 Testbed Management Framework for R2Lab
2016-09-29 normalise 0.1.2 A module to normalise non-standard words in text
2016-09-29 django-bulbs 3.24.dev6 America's Finest Namespace
2016-09-29 calcupy 0.1.1 Math expression solver
2016-09-29 genomespaceio 0.13 A library for reading and writing files to GenomeSpace (
2016-09-29 metapensiero.sphinx.patchdb 2.10 Extract scripts from a reST document and apply them in order.
2016-09-29 zorroautomator 0.7.1b2 Zorro Automator - dose-fractionated image registrator
2016-09-29 ansible Radically simple IT automation
2016-09-29 django-cloud-browser 0.3.0 Django Cloud Browser application.
2016-09-29 seekpath 1.0.0 A module to obtain and visualize k-vector coefficients and obtain band paths in the Brillouin zone of crystal structures
2016-09-29 django-slds-crispyforms 0.1.2 Django Crispy Forms template overrides for rendering forms using the Salesforce Lightning Design System
2016-09-29 fatslim 0.2.1 Python/MD Toolbox
2016-09-29 scoary 1.6.0 Microbial pan-GWAS using the output from Roary

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