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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 81419 packages here.
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2016-05-28 testingxssstuff3 0.0.7 javascript:alert(/XSSPOSED/)
2016-05-28 metapensiero.sphinx.patchdb 2.6 Extract scripts from a reST document and apply them in order.
2016-05-28 amocrm 0.7.0 AmoCRM API wrapper in python
2016-05-28 django-migration-control 0.1 Django migration control allows avoid unnecessary migrations such as changing help_text or verbose_name of fields
2016-05-28 testingxssstuff2 0.0.1 javascript:alert(/XSSPOSED/)
2016-05-28 testingxssstuff 0.0.1 test <script>alert(/XSS/)</script>
2016-05-28 django-wechat-base 0.5.2 A simple wechat api model.
2016-05-28 FukuML 0.1.8 Simple machine learning library
2016-05-28 django-easycart 0.1.1 A flexible session-based shopping cart for Django
2016-05-28 tornadose 0.4.0 Tornado-sent events
2016-05-28 slacker-asyncio 0.8.7 Slack API client
2016-05-28 django-vk-cities 0.0.0 Django package for using cities database
2016-05-28 quality_report 1.19.4 Software quality report generator
2016-05-28 netsnmpagent 0.5.2 Facilitates writing Net-SNMP (AgentX) subagents in Python
2016-05-28 axsemantics 0.1.post3 AXSemantics API client
2016-05-28 horoscope 1.0.2 Fetches and parses data from Ganeshaspeaks.
2016-05-28 psyplot_gui 0.0.3.dev7 Graphical user interface for the psyplot package
2016-05-28 powerline-mem-segment 2.1 Memory segment for Powerline
2016-05-28 factory_djoy 0.1 Wrappers over Factory Boy's Django Factories
2016-05-28 ipapy ipapy is a Python module to work with IPA strings
2016-05-28 shutit 0.9.169 An programmable automation tool designed for complex builds
2016-05-28 falstart 0.1.6 Tool for fast start develop box template.
2016-05-28 python-dotenv 0.5.1 Add .env support to your django/flask apps in development and deployments
2016-05-28 sftp_s3_sync 0.0.0 A python sftp and s3 syncing library
2016-05-28 pyOptoSigma 0.1 Python module for operating stepping moter stages manufactured by OptoSigma and Sigma Koki.
2016-05-28 pyonf 0.1 Easy configuration from command line or YAML file
2016-05-28 Qt 0.1.0 Python 2 & 3 compatibility wrapper around all Qt bindings - PySide, PySide2, PyQt4 and PyQt5.
2016-05-28 pulsectl 16.5.14 Python high-level interface and ctypes-based bindings for PulseAudio (libpulse)
2016-05-28 ConnectorDB 0.3.0 ConnectorDB Python Interface
2016-05-28 comiccrawler 2016.5.28 An image crawler with extendible modules and gui
2016-05-28 LiPyc 0.3.5.dev1 UNKNOWN
2016-05-28 django-quotes 0.0.1 Simple django app that store famous quotes
2016-05-28 plumbery 0.9.5 Cloud automation at Dimension Data with Apache Libcloud
2016-05-28 psyplot 0.2.11 Python package for interactive data visualization
2016-05-28 rabbit-backup 0.0.6 backup local files to dropbox. rabbit_backup_to_dropbox will remove local/remote files after verified based on setting.
2016-05-28 bespin 0.5.9 Opinionated wrapper around boto that reads yaml
2016-05-28 option_merge 1.0 Code to deeply merge multiple python dictionaries
2016-05-28 rolex 0.0.2 An elegant datetime library.
2016-05-28 FlexGet 2.0.35 FlexGet is a program aimed to automate downloading or processing content (torrents, podcasts, etc.) from different sources like RSS-feeds, html-pages, various sites and more.
2016-05-28 pybuild 0.1.0

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