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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 99532 packages here.
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2017-02-26 0.5.14 Common Python utils (App, logging, config, etc.)
2017-02-26 ansible-cmdb 1.21 Generate host overview from ansible fact gathering output
2017-02-26 delfick_app Customized App mainline helper
2017-02-26 Sphinx 1.5.3 Python documentation generator
2017-02-26 ocflib 2017. libraries for account and server management
2017-02-26 pyRSKTools 0.1.4 A simple Python toolbox to open RSK SQLite files generated by RBR instruments.
2017-02-26 excel2img 1.1 Save ranges from Excel documents as images
2017-02-26 quite 0.1.1 QT UI Extension
2017-02-26 usexif 1.0.1 get geo data and taken date
2017-02-26 upstox 0.1 Assignment for Upstox
2017-02-26 vert 0.0.1 Graphs for Python
2017-02-26 multiuploader 0.1.1 Adds jQuery dynamic form for uploading multiple files
2017-02-26 huckle 0.1.0.dev4 A generic CLI that can be used with any API that abides by the standard hypertext command line interface (HCLI) semantics.
2017-02-26 GutenbergPy 0.1.7 Library to create and interogate local cache for Project Gutenberg
2017-02-26 location-extractor 6.9 Extract locations from text
2017-02-26 Landport 1.1.1 Game Server Framework
2017-02-26 python-libldap 0.8.16 A Python binding for libldap
2017-02-26 collate 0.2.0 Aggregated feature generation made easy.
2017-02-26 PySpeedup A multiprocess framework for efficient calculations.
2017-02-26 SimpleSQLite 0.7.6 SimpleSQLite is a python library to simplify the table creation and data insertion into SQLite database.
2017-02-26 test-server 0.0.26 Server to test HTTP clients
2017-02-26 generalized-blender 0.1 Python implementation of generalized model blender with K fold CV
2017-02-26 flarecast-service Flarecast Service is the base package of all flarecast connexion services.
2017-02-26 flarecast-utils Flarecast utils provides tools to interact with the flarecast infrastructure.
2017-02-26 larch 3.3.24 A framework for estimating and applying discrete choice models.
2017-02-26 nekumo-cloud 0.1.0 Package description
2017-02-26 thulac 0.0.4 A efficient Chinese text segmentation tool
2017-02-26 ictf 0.7 This is a python module that provides an interface to the iCTF team API.
2017-02-26 hpdr 0.16 Hive date ranges simplified.
2017-02-26 som 0.0.7 python tools for school of medicine
2017-02-26 astrocats 0.3.6 Package for downloading, analyzing, and constructing open astronomy catalogs.
2017-02-26 karellen-geventws 1.0.2 Karellen Gevent Websocket Library
2017-02-26 pyrediq 0.3.1 Priority message queue with Redis
2017-02-26 burlap 0.9.4 Fabric commands for simplifying server deployments
2017-02-26 st2client 2.2.0 Python client library and CLI for the StackStorm (st2) event-driven automation platform.
2017-02-26 elemental-core 0.2.1.dev0 Functionality shared across Elemental CMS.
2017-02-26 g3ar 0.2.7 Python Coding Toolkit for Pentester.
2017-02-26 ppy-engine 0.0.4
2017-02-26 mozzarilla 0.9.8 A variant of Binilla for editing binary structures for games built with the Blam engine.
2017-02-26 django-smalluuid 1.1.0 Short-form UUID field for Django 1.8 and above

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