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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 56020 packages here.
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To use a package from this index either "pip install package" (get pip) or download, unpack and "python install" it.

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2015-03-07 mountebank-python 0.1.0 A thin convenience wrapper for interacting with Mountebank from Python
2015-03-07 dj-analytics 1.0b3 Django app to capture, track and display site analytics
2015-03-07 pyramid_weblayer 0.14 Common / reusable utilities for a Pyramid web application.
2015-03-07 OneSheet Easily access metadata for image, video, sound, and document file.
2015-03-07 frescobaldi 2.18 LilyPond Music Editor
2015-03-06 earthengine-api 0.1.47 Earth Engine Python API
2015-03-06 astropy 1.0.1 Community-developed python astronomy tools
2015-03-06 tinflask 0.0.2 Simple wrapper around flask that uses environment variables for host, port, endpoint prefix. Also uses the py-hancock library for the ability to sign endpoints. Endpoints for `time`, `ping`, and `status` are automatically added as well.
2015-03-06 petl 1.0.6 A Python package for extracting, transforming and loading tables of data.
2015-03-06 speakeasy 1.2.1 Metrics aggregation server
2015-03-06 salvitobot 0.4.1 avisa sismos
2015-03-06 GridWalker 1.0.1 A multi-dimensional grid used for state space searching
2015-03-06 djproxy 2.1.0 djproxy is a simple reverse proxy class-based generic view for Django apps. If your application depends on proxies provided by a web server in production, djproxy can be used to duplicate that functionality during local development.
2015-03-06 zopkio 0.1.16 Zopkio: A distributed testing framework
2015-03-06 qds_ops 1.10.0 Python SDK for operating the Qubole Data Service
2015-03-06 liver 0.5.4 Video recorder
2015-03-06 cloudtb 0.2.2 Open source methods to solve common problems
2015-03-06 google-analytics-api-wrapper 0.1.2 The Goolge Analytics wrapper is a convenient tool to extract data from GA via API. It is especially useful when the user has many GA profiles / web properties.
2015-03-06 pdbpp 0.8.1 pdb++, a drop-in replacement for pdb
2015-03-06 datacats 0.4 Developer tools for CKAN data catalogs built on Docker
2015-03-06 marathon 0.6.11 Marathon Client Library
2015-03-06 quantiacsToolbox 1.04 The Quantiacs Toolbox for trading system development
2015-03-06 rhessysworkflows 1.27 Libraries and command-line scripts for performing RHESSys data preparation workflows.
2015-03-06 vecnet.openmalaria 0.8.2 Openmalaria library for VecNet-CI project
2015-03-06 uwsgi_metrics 1.1.4 Metrics for uWSGI services
2015-03-06 EasyModeler 2.1.3 Simple ODE Tools for Modelers
2015-03-06 setuptools 14.0 Easily download, build, install, upgrade, and uninstall Python packages
2015-03-06 sentry 7.4.0 A realtime logging and aggregation server.
2015-03-06 pytest-mozwebqa 1.6 Mozilla WebQA plugin for py.test.
2015-03-06 django-angular 0.7.11 Let Django play well with AngularJS
2015-03-06 django-cropduster 4.8.6 Django image uploader and cropping tool
2015-03-06 Pyro4 4.35 distributed object middleware for Python (RPC)
2015-03-06 immaterial-digital-labor 0.1 Stuff related to the Immaterial Digital Labor group
2015-03-06 idigbio 0.3.0 Python Client for the iDigBio Search API
2015-03-06 django-text 1.5.0 Intuitive text editing for the Django Admin.
2015-03-06 Appium-Python-Client 0.14 Python client for Appium 1.3.6
2015-03-06 stackinabox 0.6 RESTful API Testing Suite
2015-03-06 mozprocess 0.22 Mozilla-authored process handling
2015-03-06 jsbeautifier 1.5.5 JavaScript unobfuscator and beautifier.
2015-03-06 Schemer 0.2.6 Powerful schema-based validation of Python dicts

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