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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 58657 packages here.
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2015-04-27 rft1d 0.1.1 One-Dimensional Random Field Theory
2015-04-27 box-auth 0.0.6 Headless box api v2 auth provider
2015-04-27 polysquare-generic-file-linter 0.0.20 Polysquare Style Guide Linter
2015-04-27 django-throttle-requests 0.5.2 A Django framework for application-layer rate limiting
2015-04-27 django-deserializer 0.11 A Django Mixin capable of deserializing a request's body into python data structures.
2015-04-27 django-emailit 0.2.2 Make sending html emails easy.
2015-04-27 trytond_nereid_catalog_tree Nereid Catalog Tree
2015-04-27 svn 0.3.36 Intuitive Subversion wrapper.
2015-04-27 topicexplorer 1.0b11 InPhO Topic Explorer
2015-04-27 Markdown2PDF 0.1.1 A tool convert Markdown file to PDF, originally designed for developers' resume release.
2015-04-27 APScheduler 3.0.3 In-process task scheduler with Cron-like capabilities
2015-04-27 KC_nester 1.1.2 A simple printer of nested lists
2015-04-27 monocle_map 0.1.2 Maps module for monocle
2015-04-27 imagination 1.11.0 Reusable Component Framework
2015-04-27 crackqcli 0.2b1 Hashcrack Crackq command-line client
2015-04-27 PyISY 1.0.3 Python module to talk to ISY994 from UDI.
2015-04-27 kids.cache 0.0.4 Kids caching library.
2015-04-27 bbarchivist 1.2.3 BlackBerry 10 autoloader tools
2015-04-27 monocle_slider 0.0.4 Slider app for monocle project
2015-04-27 hexes 0.2.0 Curses for humans.
2015-04-27 pu 0.19.2 Python utils
2015-04-27 libsensorPy 0.0.7 An extendable python library to manipulate sensors coupled to the Raspberry Pi
2015-04-27 pytest-ipynb 1.0 Use pytest's runner to discover and execute tests as cells of IPython notebooks
2015-04-27 CSV-anamoly-detector 1.2.6 A Python tool to detect Anamolies
2015-04-27 CoolProp 5.1.0 Open-source thermodynamic and transport properties database
2015-04-27 AppDynamicsREST 0.4.3 AppDynamics REST API Library
2015-04-27 buttercms-django 0.2.2 Company blogs as a service. Built for developers.
2015-04-27 tornaqiniu 7.0.4 Qiniu Resource Storage SDK With Tornado
2015-04-27 uwaterloo-addcourse 1.0.4 Package for easily adding a course on UWaterloo's QUEST.
2015-04-27 fallingsky 0.0.4 A game of falling blocks with RPG elements, uses pygame.
2015-04-27 retry 0.9.0 Easy to use retry decorator.
2015-04-27 PyCodeigniter 0.1.8 Codeigniter(PHP) implement by python If you want to build high performance service you'd better use gevent.
2015-04-27 graftm 0.5.0 GraftM is a pipeline used for identifying and classifying marker gene reads from metagenomic datasets
2015-04-27 kezmenu3 0.3.5 KezMenu3 is a KezMenu fork for Python2 and 3.
2015-04-27 spotify-ripper 1.1.1 a small ripper for Spotify that rips Spotify URIs to MP3 files
2015-04-27 clize 3.0b1 Command-line argument parsing for Python, without the effort
2015-04-27 maple 0.1.89 reliable, scalable, distributed server framework
2015-04-27 yaml-model 0.1.3 Semi-transparent YAML serialization/deserialization
2015-04-27 django-offlinecdn 0.0.01 UNKNOWN
2015-04-27 firstNesterByZiyeSky 1.2.1 A simple printer of nested lists

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