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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 85095 packages here.
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2016-07-24 web_cache 1.0.0 Simple persistent cache storage, with different cache eviction strategies, and optional compression
2016-07-24 quantarhei 0.0.2 Quantarhei: Open Quantum System Theory for Molecular Systems
2016-07-24 shutit 0.9.205 An programmable automation tool designed for complex builds
2016-07-24 coala-bears 0.8.0.dev20160724123327 Bears for coala (Code Analysis Application)
2016-07-24 coala 0.8.0.dev20160724122732 Code Analysis Application (coala)
2016-07-24 meipai 0.1.1 A command line interface to search,play videos on meipai
2016-07-24 inema 0.1 A Python interface to the Deutsche Post Internetmarke Online Franking
2016-07-24 gsdr 0.1.1 Generative Sparse Distributed Representations, a fast generative model
2016-07-24 Pygame 1.9.2.dev1 Python Game Development
2016-07-24 cheerlights 0.1.1 Simple wrapper for cheerlights API
2016-07-24 jds_write 0.7 The funniest joke in the world
2016-07-24 rq-scheduler 0.7.0 Provides job scheduling capabilities to RQ (Redis Queue)
2016-07-24 acli 0.1.26 A CLI to manage AWS resources
2016-07-24 quicktions 1.3 Fast fractions data type for rational numbers. Cythonized version of 'fractions.Fraction'.
2016-07-24 glud 0.4.0rc3 Functional tools for matching nodes in the clang AST
2016-07-24 chopsticks 0.4 Chopsticks is an orchestration library: it lets you manage and configure remote hosts over SSH.
2016-07-24 tasks-for-notebook 0.0.4 UNKNOWN
2016-07-24 PyRIC 0.1.5 Python Wireless Library
2016-07-24 twitterscraper Tool for scraping Tweets
2016-07-24 jira 1.0.7 Python library for interacting with JIRA via REST APIs.
2016-07-24 asyncwrap 0.1.0 Simple asynchronous wrappers for synchronous blocking code
2016-07-24 django-cache 0.1.2 Extended HTTP-caching for Django
2016-07-24 django-email-confirm-la 2.0.0 Django email confirmation for any Model and any Field.
2016-07-24 Monochrome 0.9 Make your photos black and white with Monochrome !
2016-07-24 hitchselenium 0.5.6 Plugin to run Selenium with firefox using the Hitch testing framework.
2016-07-24 thunderscript 16.7.18 Thunder script parser
2016-07-24 drivar 0.1.1 Hardware abstraction layer for Raspbuggy
2016-07-24 cheapnamedtuple 1.1.2 Faster reimplementation of stdlib collections.namedtuple
2016-07-24 Vinod_python 1.0.0 Wordcount LOgic
2016-07-24 pyv4l2 0.1.3 Simple v4l2 for pyv4l2
2016-07-24 iolax 0.1
2016-07-24 candy-board-amt 1.0.1 Base CANDY LINE boards service for AM Telecom Modules
2016-07-24 Diophantine 0.1 A python package for finding small solutions of systems of diophantine equations
2016-07-24 ETLT 0.0.32 Extract Transform Load - but not in that strict order
2016-07-24 pycaching 3.5.2 site crawler. Provides tools for searching, fetching caches and geocoding.
2016-07-24 Avg_func 1.0.0 To use aggregate method to find average from a set of mapper o/p for weather data
2016-07-24 proxy-toggle 1.0.0 A command-line tool to run programs seamlessly behind a proxy.
2016-07-24 django-webpack-loader 0.3.2 Transparently use webpack with django
2016-07-24 DeadPyDaylight 0.1 Script tool to auto ready-up in Dead By Daylight
2016-07-24 nautilus 0.5.1 A library for creating event-driven microservice applications

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