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Mopidy-AlarmClock 0.1.6

A Mopidy extension for using it as an alarm clock.

A Mopidy extension for using it as an alarm clock.

Mopidy-AlarmClock was originally created by Mathieu Xhonneux and now is maintained by Davis Mosenkovs.


Install by running:

pip install Mopidy-AlarmClock


Optionally alarm defaults can be configured in mopidy.conf config file (the default default values are shown below):

# Default alarm time in Hours:Minutes format
def_time = 8:00

# Name or Mopidy URI of default alarm playlist
def_playlist =

# Default state of Random Track Order (true or false)
def_random = false

# Default alarm volume (integer, 1 to 100)
def_volume = 100

# Default seconds to full volume (integer, 0 to 300)
def_vol_inc_duration = 30


Make sure that the HTTP extension is enabled. Then browse to the app on the Mopidy server (for instance, http://localhost:6680/alarmclock/).



  • Changed branching model to git-flow.
  • Refactoring for improved alarm scheduler.
  • Added backup alarm sound (in case selected playlist is missing).
  • Disable Consume and Single playback modes.
  • Fixed incorrect Mopidy version requirement.
  • Misc refactoring.


  • Added tests.
  • Fixed nondeterministic effects when cancelling and setting alarm again within 5 seconds (prevent stale idle() timers).
  • Fixed minor math bug in gradual volume increasing.
  • One digit minutes supported in alarm Time.
  • Leading zero for hours of current time in Alarm state.


  • Alarm defaults can now be configured in mopidy.conf.
  • Display alarm volume on Alarm state.
  • Display current time of alarm clock on Alarm state.
  • Added Travis-CI build and Coveralls test coverage info.
  • Fixed README (to be parsable by PyPI).


  • Added adjustable volume and gradually increasing volume.
  • Fixed stale message appearing on page reload.
  • Minor internal code changes and interface changes.
  • Updated README/Changelog.


  • Fixed alarm starting immediately in some situations.
  • Renamed Shuffle Mode to Random Track Order.



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Mopidy-AlarmClock-0.1.6.tar.gz (md5) Source 2017-01-16 225KB