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PySpice 1.1.4

Simulate electronic circuit using Python and the Ngspice simulator


What is PySpice ?

PySpice is a Python module which interface Python and the Ngspice circuit simulator.

What are the main features ?

  • licensed under GPLv3 therms
  • support Linux, Windows and Mac OS X platforms
  • implement an Ngspice shared library binding using CFFI which support external sources
  • implement (partial) SPICE netlist parser
  • implement an Oriented Object API to define circuit
  • export simulation output to Numpy arrays
  • plot using Matplotlib
  • handle units
  • work with Kicad schematic editor
  • implement a documentation generator
  • provides many examples

Where is the Documentation ?

The documentation is available on the PySpice Home Page.

How to install it ?

Look at the installation section in the documentation.


Authors: Fabrice Salvaire



  • Enhanced shared mode
  • Shared mode is now set as default on Linux


  • Bump version to v1.0.0 since it just works!
  • Support Windows platform using Ngspice shared mode
  • Fixed shared mode
  • Fixed and completed Spice parser : tested on example’s libraries


  • Fixed Spice parser for lower case device prefix.


  • Git repository cleanup: filtered generated doc and useless files so as to shrink the repository size.
  • Improved documentation generator: Implemented format for RST content and Tikz figure.
  • Improved unit support: It implements now the International System of Units. And we can now use unit helper like u_mV or compute the value of 1.2@u_kΩ / 2@u_mA. The relevant documentation is on this page.
  • Added the Simulation instance to the Analysis class.
  • Refactored simulation parameters as classes.


  • fixed CCCS and CCVS


  • fixed ngspice shared


  • Added an example to show how to use the NgSpice Shared Simulation Mode.
  • Completed the Spice netlist parser and added examples, we could now use a schematic editor to define the circuit. The program cir2py translates a circuit file to Python.
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
PySpice-1.1.4.tar.gz (md5) Source 2017-11-08 3MB