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RapidXml 2.1.1

Python RapidXml Library

A library providing python bindings for rapidxml


import rapidxml

r = rapidxml.RapidXml(b"<test/><test2>foo</test2><test></test>") # parsing from bytes
test = r.first_node("test") # get first node named test = "foo" # changing node's name to foo
r.first_node("test2").value = "bar" # changing node's value to bar

print(str(r)) # will output a prettified string of the xml document
print(r.unparse(pretty=False, raw=True)) # will output the xml document as flat bytes
print(test) # also works for nodes

with open('dump.xml', 'w') as f:
r = rapidxml.RapidXml("dump.xml", from_file=True) # loading from file

assert(str(r) == r.unparse(pretty=True, raw=False)) # is always True
assert(repr(r) == r.unparse(pretty=False, raw=False)) # also always True


If you have downloaded the source code:

python install

or if you want to obtain a copy from the Pypi repository:

pip install rapidxml

Both commands will install the required package dependencies.

A distribution package can be obtained for manual installation at:


python_rapidxml’s git repo is available on GitHub, which can be browsed at github and cloned like that:

git clone


MIT license. See the LICENSE file.

Development status

This project is currently under development.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
RapidXml-2.1.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2017-05-24 32KB