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abclinuxuapi 0.4.14

API for


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This module contains basic API for crawling the website.

Module is hosted at `PYPI <https:"" pypi="" abclinuxuapi=""/>`_, and
can be installed using `PIP <http:"" wiki="" pip_%28package_manager%29="">`_:


pip install abclinuxuapi

Full module documentation is hosted at ReadTheDocs:

The API was made by me (Bystroushaak) and it is not officially related to the project.


- Fixed bug in parsing of number of comments from blog description.

- Fixed parsing of where there are no comments.

- Added abclinxuapi.number_of_blog_pages() function to find out how many blogs is there.

- Added banlist for comment parsing on certain blogs (see HTML source on for details).

0.4.0 - 0.4.10
- Added badges to README.
- ``Blogpost.comments`` are now by default blank list instead of None.
- Fixed bugs in uploader.
- Parsing of the tags updated.
- Added support for Blog.uid.
- Fixed bugs in tests (new year parsing).
- Added possibility to bypass lazy tag parsing.
- Fixed bug in date parsing function.
- Added support for parsing of more obscure date formats used by articles on abclinuxu.
- Fixed another bug in date parsing function.
- Added `verify=False`, because the SSL library pisses me off.
- Added another special case of parsing the date.
- Fixed another problem with date formats.
- Fixed problem with parsing comments on the - there are no links to comments.
- Fixed comment parsing in case of

0.3.0 - 0.3.11
- Added parsing of comments under blogposts.
- Fixed bugs.
- Fixed bugs in
- Added ``iter_blogposts()``, ``first_blog_page()`` functions for browsing the bloglist.
- Implemented ``Blogpost.get_image_urls()``.
- Added date_izolator(). Fixed bugs in comments parsing with relative dates.
- Fixed bug in parsing of Blogpost's content.
- Added blog iterator tor User object.
- Fixed #4 - bug in username parsing.
- Fixed parsing of censored comments.
- Added ``Comment.censored``.
- ``Comment.registered_user`` renamed to ``Comment.registered``.
- Fixed bug which skipped censored comments.
- Fixed problems with old blogs (different HTML).
- Implemented #6: ``.__repr__()`` for all important classes.
- Fixed #7 - blogs with opening HTML comments in perex.
- Fixed bug in ``Blogpost._parse_content_tag()``.
- Another attempt to solve shit in old blogs. There are missing tags, crossed tags and a lot of other shitfucks.
- Fixed bug caused by
- Added a lot of documentation, fixed docstrings and so on.
- ``User.has_blog()`` changed to `bool` property ``User.has_blog``.
- ``Concept`` class refactored.
- Added new parameter ``data`` for ````.
- ``User.ts_to_concept_date`` moved to ``shared.ts_to_concept_date()``.

- Added a lot of features.
- Fixed broken

- Created.
- It can be now used to read data from the abclinuxu, but it is incomplete and it will need a lot of work to do.  
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
abclinuxuapi-0.4.14.tar.gz (md5) Source 2018-02-20 30KB