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cfchecker 2.0.6

The NetCDF Climate Forcast Conventions compliance checker

README - CF Checker version 2.0.6

To run the CF file conformance checker you must have the following
installed on your system:

- Python 2.5
- CDMS (part of CDAT-5.x)

Notes on CDMS install

The CDMS module is part of the CDAT distribution available from the
PCMDI software portal

You can either install the entire CDAT distribution or alternatively
use the CDAT-lite_ package.

.. _CDAT-lite:

Notes on UDUNITS-2 install
The UDUNITS-2 package can be obtained from the unidata website

To run the CF checker

Once you have both UDUNITS-2 and CDMS installed you need to complete the
following steps in order to run the CF Checker.

1. Make sure that the location of the cdms library is in your PYTHONPATH

E.g. export PYTHONPATH=/home/rsh/software/CDAT-5.2-cdms/lib/python2.5/site-packages

2. Make sure that the path to the udunits libraries are in the system
library path or alternatively set the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH


where $PREFIX is the --prefix option you passed to the configure script
when installing udunits.

3. Depending on the platform you are installing on, you may need to edit
the name of the udunits2 library in the script. If the name
of the library is anything other than then you will need to
modify, as appropriate, the line


4. You may also need to modify the path to the python interpreter at the top
of the script.

5. Run the checker by typing: <>

Environment Variables

The following parameters can be set on the command-line or through environment variables:

1. UDUNITS : The path to udunits2.xml. Usually $UDUNITS_HOME/share/udunits/udunits2.xml
2. CF_STANDARD_NAMES : The path or URL to the CF standard names table
3. CF_AREA_TYPES : The path or URL to the CF area types tables

If you have any problems or comments please contact Rosalyn Hatcher
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