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cmsplugin-articles 0.2.2

Django CMS articles management plugin

It is a simple plugin that allows you to organize you article pages in a manner of a blog. It does not break original page publishing workflow, but has some tricks to gather articles into a blog app.


It works fine and tested under Python 2.7. The following libraries are required

  • Django >= 1.5
  • django-cms >= 3.0 (we recommend to use Django CMS 3.0 and higher, contact us if you need prior CMS versions supports and have some issues)


$ pip install cmsplugin-articles

Configure installed apps in your

    # django contrib and django cms apps

Migrate your database migrate cmsplugin_articles


  • Create a page in a common way, it will be a root page, an articles list;
  • Add ArticlesPlugin to the page to you content placeholder, this will show a list of published articles;
  • Create an article page as a child page, it will be shown automatocally in the list.


You can customize this plugin by overriding the following templates

  • cms/plugins/articles.html (plugin template layout)
  • cms/plugins/article_teaser.html (if you want to change teaser template, e.g. use easy-thumbnails for teaser images)
  • cms/plugins/articles_pagination.html (pagination templates, if you want to add extra css classes or so)


The plugin has a number of temlatetags used for teaser template, you should load them in your template with

{% load article_tags %}

published_at, teaser_title and teaser_image

Filters which get article Page instance as an argument

  • published_at return datetime object for publication time
  • teaser_title return teaser title as a string
  • teaser_image return TeaserExtension.image if exists


A simple_tag which returns a teaser text. It accepts two parameters

  • article_page the page that teaser belongs to
  • default_from the placeholder name. You can pass it if you want generate teasers automaticaly


You can use this template tag to split articles list into a column layout, e.g

<div class="row">
  {% exact_columns articles 3 "vertical" as columns %}
  {% for column in columns %}
    <div class="col_6">
      {% for article in column %}
        {% include "cms/plugins/article_teaser.html" %}
      {% endfor %}
  {% endfor %}


  • Python 3 support


The changelog can be found at repo’s release notes


Fork the repo, create a feature branch then send me pull request. Feel free to create new issues or contact me via email.

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