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deployserver 0.3.1

Deploy your project automatically when git branch was updated.

Deploy your project automatically when git branch was updated via GitHub webhooks.


Install deployserver from pip.

$ pip3 install deployserver

To start your first autodeploy daemon you need to create script file in your project.

import deployserver

    'server_address': '',
    'port': 1234,
    'deploy': 'cd /var/www/myProject;' \
              'git pull;'

Then you need to run this script.

$ python3

If you want to run autodeploy daemon in background, use Screen.

$ screen -dmS deployserver_myProject python3

Screen docs:

Initial params

For initiation deployserver params dict is required.

server_address : string

Enter a domain name for this server with http protocol.

'server_address': ''
'server_address': ''
'server_address': ''

port : integer

deployserver will listen this local port.

'port': 2345

deploy : string

Bash commands sequence which should be initiated on branch update.

'deploy': 'cd /var/www/myProject;' \
          'git pull;'
'deploy': '/var/www/myProject/'

(optional) branch : string

Which branch push event should initiate deploy function.

# default
'branch': 'master'
'branch': 'current-sprint'
'branch': 'ver2'

(optional) uri : string

Callback uri.

# default
'uri': '/callback'
'uri': '/'

(optional) secret_token : string

Secret token. Check if it is set.

# default
'secret_token': None
'secret_token': 'a96529a4af7864e7f6e11035d10b7db5'


  • Python >= 3.5
  • aiohttp
  • asyncio
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