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django-campaign 0.2.0

A basic newsletter app for the Django webframework

django-campaign - A basic newsletter app for the Django webframework

Django-campaign is an application for the Django webframework to make
sending out newsletters to a rather small group of subscribers easy.
It is not a solution to drive your multi-thousand-subscriber campaigns, but
a few hundred - maybe a few thousand - subscribers should be possible.

Some of the core features are:

* Multipart Emails made easy - just add a plain-text *and* a html-template.
* Full control over the Subscriber-Model and therefore the template context
used to render the mails.
* Add context processors to add whatever you need to a mail template based on
the recipient. This makes it easy to personalize messages.
* View the campaigns online
* German translation for the app (at least for all releases)
* simple and optional subscribe/unsubscribe handling

Planned features:

* easy i18n support for the emails
* every recipient should be able to see his personalized message online


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django-campaign-0.2.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-11-30 18KB