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django-registration-redux 1.8

An extensible user-registration application for Django

If you have issues with the “django-registration-redux” package then please raise them here.

This is a fairly simple user-registration application for Django, designed to make allowing user signups as painless as possible. It requires a functional installation of Django 1.8 or newer, but has no other dependencies.

For instructions on how to use this application, and on what it provides, see the file “quickstart.rst” in the “docs/” directory. Full documentation is also available online


Install, upgrade and uninstall django-registration-redux with these commands:

pip install django-registration-redux
pip install --upgrade django-registration-redux
pip uninstall django-registration-redux

To install it manually, run the following command inside this source directory:

python install

Or if you’d prefer you can simply place the included registration directory somewhere on your Python path, or symlink to it from somewhere on your Python path; this is useful if you’re working from a Git checkout.

Note that this application requires Python 2.7/3.4 or later, and a functional installation of Django 1.8 or newer.

Getting started with development

To get started with development, first install the required packages:

make installdeps

For convenience a Makefile is included which wraps the Python invoke library. Once you work on a patch, you can test the functionality by running:

make test

Or equivalently:

invoke test

Command line arguments can be passed to the invoke script through the Makefile via the ARGS parameter. For example:

make build ARGS=--docs

Or equivalently:

invoke build --docs

Alternatives has a comprehensive comparison of Django packages used for user registration and authentication.

For example, django-allauth is an alternative to django-registration-redux that provides user registration in addition to social authentication and email address management.


Django-registration-redux is licensed under BSD License.

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