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pelican_admin 0.2

Django admin app for Pelican blogs.

Latest Version: 0.3


pelican_admin was developed to assist you manage your Pelican blog.

This is an alpha previous release and will have upcoming new features.


Insert pelican_admin to the end of your INSTALLED_APPS in


Don’t forget to sync your db with:

python syncdb

Or, if you’re using south:

python migrate pelican_admin

Now, you must tell pelican_admin what’s the path to you pelican blog. In your you must add:

PELICAN_PATH = '/path/to/your/blog'
PELICAN_SETTINGS = ' # The default value is ''
PELICAN_BIN = 'pelican' # Path to pelican executable. Default value is '/usr/local/bin/pelican'

Make sure your pelican service is running in autoreload mode:

pelican -s /path/to/pelican/settings -r &

This will have your pelican to reload itself whenever your folder blog changes. Without this configuration, pelican_admin is pretty much useless. So be sure to use it.

If you’re using django-admin-tools there’s a module available where you can manage your pelican service via admin interface. Add pelican_admin to your

import pelican_admin

url_patterns = patterns('',
url(r'^admin/', include(,
    url(r'^admin_tools/', include('admin_tools.urls')),

urlpatterns += pelican_admin.pelican_urls()

And finally, add pelican_admin’s module to your

from pelican_admin.modules import PelicanAdmin

class CustomIndexDashboard(Dashboard):

def init_with_context(self, context):

This module is super useful not only to check Pelican’s service status, but also to reload it if any change you made doesn’t load.

The Looks

This is how pelican_admin’s module for django-admin-tools looks like when enabled:

.. image::


  • Settings management: change your pelican settings through Django admin and have it automatically working.
  • Posting management: CRUD for blog postings via interface.
  • Service management: Manage your pelican service through the admin interface
  • Internationalization: pelican_admin is localizable. Currently only pt_BR and en_US are officially supported.


I’ll just assume you’re already familiarised with pelican and move on.

Install using pip:

pip install pelican_admin

Or you can clone the project and install it via:

python install


If you have any comments, ideas questions, feedback, etcetera, email me and we’ll be in touch. I’m

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