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photobackup_bottle 0.1.2

The simplest PhotoBackup server, made with bottle

# The Python PhotoBackup server implementation

The Python3 implementation of PhotoBackup server, made with [bottle]( It follows the [official API](, currently in [version 2](

## Installation

Install through [PyPI](

pip install photobackup_bottle

Then run the installer, which asks for the directory to save your pictures to and the server password:

photobackup init

The script looks for the directory to be writable by the usual www-data user. It fails gracefully if it is not, just warning you to make it work properly. This step creates a .photobackup file in the user’s home directory, containing:

  • BindAddress, the IP address (default is ;
  • MediaRoot, the directory where the pictures are written in ;
  • Password, the SHA-512 hashed password ;
  • PasswordBcrypt, a Bcrypt-ed version of your SHA-512 hashed password ;
  • Port, the port (default is 8420).

## Usage

Launch the server with:

photobackup run

By default, it runs on host, port 8420 and reloads automatically.

## Production

To put in production, use [Nginx]( to bind a sever name to

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