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pyDHTMLParser 2.2.2

Python HTML/XML parser for easy web scraping.

What is it?

DHTMLParser is a lightweight HTML/XML parser created for one purpose - quick and easy picking selected tags from DOM.

It can be very useful when you are in need to write own “guerilla” API for some webpage, or a scrapper.

If you want, you can also create HTML/XML documents more easily than by joining strings.


Full module documentation can be found here:



  • Attempt to fix strange recursive inheritance problem.


  • Rewritten for compatibility with python3.

2.1.0 - 2.1.8

  • State parser fixed - it can now recover from invalid html like <invalid tag=something">.
  • Rewritten to use StateEnum in parser for better readability.
  • Garbage collector is now disabled during _raw_split().
  • Fixed #16 - recovery after tags which don’t ends with > (</code for example).
  • Closed #17 - implementation of ignoring of < in usage as is smaller than sign.
  • Restored support of multiline attributes.
  • .parseString() now doesn’t try to parse HTML element parameters.
  • Implemented first() getter.
  • License changed to MIT.
  • Fixed #18: bug which in some cases caused invalid output.
  • Added HTMLElement.__repr__().
  • Added
  • Added extended test_equality() coverage.
  • Formatting improvements.
  • Improved constructor handling, which is now much more readable.
  • Updated formatting of the
  • Added more tests.
  • Fixed #22; bug in the SpecialDict.
  • Fixed some nasty unicode problems.
  • Fixed python 2 / 3 problem in docs/
  • getVersion() -> get_version().


  • Added more tests of removeTags().
  • now gets arguments.
  • Check for string in removeTags() changed to basestring from str.

2.0.6 - 2.0.9

  • Fixed behaviour of toString() and tagToString().
  • SpecialDict is now derived from OrderedDict.
  • Changed and added tests of .params attribute (OrderedDict is now used).
  • Fixed bug in _repair_tags().
  • Removed _repair_tags() - it wasn’t really necessary.
  • Fixed nasty bug which could cause invalid XML output.

2.0.1 - 2.0.5

  • Fixed bugs in .match().
  • Fixed broken links in documentation.
  • Fixed bugs in .isAlmostEqual().
  • .find(); Fixed bug which prevented tag_name to be None.
  • Added op .__eq__() to the SpecialDict.
  • Added new method .containsParamSubset() to HTMLElement.


  • Rewritten, refactored, splitted to multiple files.
  • Added unittest coverage of almost 100% of the code.
  • Added better selector methods (.wfind(), .match)
  • Added Sphinx documentation.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs.
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