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pytest-race 0.1.1

Race conditions tester for pytest


Race conditions tester for pytest

Introduces start_race fixture to run race condition tests.


  • Python 2.7+, 3.3+
  • pytest 2.9.0+


You can use start_race fixture in your tests as follows:

from time import sleep

ACCUMULATOR = 0  # This global var is race conditions prone.

def test_race(start_race):
    from random import randint

    def actual_test():
        global ACCUMULATOR

        increment = randint(1, 10000)

        accumulator = ACCUMULATOR
        sleep(1)  # Simulate some lag.
        ACCUMULATOR += increment

        # By that moment ACCUMULATOR should have been updated
        # by another thread. Let's try to prove it.

        # Using simple `assert` as usual for pytest.
        assert accumulator + increment == ACCUMULATOR

    # Let's run `actual_test` in 2 threads.
    start_race(threads_num=2, target=actual_test)

start_race accepts the following arguments:

  • threads_num - number of threads to run simultaneously.
  • target - actual test callable to run in threads.
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