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pywebhdfs 0.4.0

Package Documentation

PyWebHDFS is a Python wrapper for the Hadoop WebHDFS REST API.

Many of the current Python HDFS clients rely on Hadoop Streaming which requires Java to be installed on the local machine. The other option for interacting with HDFS is to use the WebHDFS REST API. The purpose of this project is to simplify interactions with the WebHDFS API. The PyWebHdfs client will implement the exact functions available in the WebHDFS REST API and behave in a manner consistent with the API.

$ pip install pywebhdfs The initial release provides for basic WebHDFS file and directory operations including:

Create and Write to a File Append to a File Open and Read a File Make a Directory Rename a File/Directory Delete a File/Directory Status of a File/Directory Checksum of a File List a Directory Get/Set/List/Delete Extended Attributes (Requires Hadoop 2.5.x+) The documentation for the Hadoop WebHDFS REST API can be found at

Pypi package:



  • correct setup.cfg
  • Add test coverage for extended attributes, update README for extended attribtues
  • Add HDFS extended attribute support
  • added exists_file_dir
  • allow paths with leading ‘/’
  • Add timeout to requests call
  • pass stylecheck
  • resolve conflicts
  • Extract method: _resolve_host
  • Define custom exceptions for HA and federation
  • Return the result of the rename operation
  • Added wrapper for GETCONTENTSUMMARY
  • support federation and HA
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pywebhdfs-0.4.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2015-08-06 15KB
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