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teamcity-messages 1.15

Send test results to TeamCity continuous integration server from unittest, nose, py.test, twisted trial (Python 2.4+)

This packages provides unittest, nose, py.test, twisted trial plugins for sending test result messages to TeamCity continuous integration server

unittest: see examples/ for example how to write your own test file which reports messages under TeamCity and prints usual diagnostics without it.

nose, py.test : test status reporting enabled automatically under TeamCity build (when teamcity-messages package is installed)

django: For Django 1.6+: Use the Teamcity runner instead of the default DiscoverRunner by changing the following setting in your TEST_RUNNER = “teamcity.django.TeamcityDjangoRunner” If you are using another test runner, you should override the run_suite method or use the DiscoverRunner.test_runner property introduced in Django 1.7.

flake8: add –teamcity option to flake8 command line to report errors and warning as TeamCity failed tests

twisted trial: add –reporter=teamcity option to trial command line


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