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thLib 0.12.1

Collection of Python utilities for signal analysis


*thLib* contains functions for working with sound, and for fitting circles,
lines, sine-waves, and exponential decays. For signal processing, a
Savitzky-Golay filter is included, as well as a demonstration of the
calculation of a power spectrum. UI utilities, and a few useful vector
functions (e.g. an implementation of the Savitzky-Golay algorithm) round off

**Note:** All functions for working with 3D kinematics have been moved into
the new package "scikit-kinematics"!

Compatible with Python 2 and 3.

numpy, scipy, matplotlib, pandas, statsmodels, skimage, sympy


Author: Thomas Haslwanter
Date: 26-09-2016
Ver: 0.12.1
Licence: BSD 2-Clause License (
Copyright (c) 2016, Thomas Haslwanter
All rights reserved.

You can install thlib with

pip install thLib

and upgrade to a new version with

pip install thLib -U



- fits.demo_ransac ... RANSAC fit of best circle in image
- fits.fit_circle ... basic circle fit
- fits.fit_exp ... exponential fit
- fits.fit_line ... linear regression fit, complete with confidence intervals for mean and values, and with plotting
- fits.fit_sin ... sine fit
- fits.fit_ellipse ... ellipse fit (Taubin's method)
- fits.regress ... multilinear regression fit, similar to MATLAB

Signal Processing Utilities

- signals.pSpect ... simple power spectrum from FFT
- signals.savgol ... Savitzky-Golay filter

Sound Processing Utilities

- sounds.Sound ... class, with methods
* readSound
* play
* setData
* writeWav

GUI Utilities

- ui.getfile ... GUI for selecting an existing file
- ui.getdir ... GUI for selecting a directory
- ui.listbox ... GUI for item selection
- ui.progressbar ... Show a progressbar, for longer loops
- ui.savefile ... GUI for saving a file
- ui.get_screensize ... width and height of screen  
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