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udacity-dl 1.2.2

Download udacity class videos and resources


A python package for archiving content from (videos,
lecture notes, quizzes, …) for offline reference.


Make sure you have installed [Python 2.7](

With the help of python pip installation is as simple:
`sudo pip install udacity-dl`

If you prefer manual installation:
- Clone [this repo]() locally
- Then simply run: `python install`
This will create a udacity-dl script in `/usr/local/bin` (linux) or
`c:\\Python27\\Scripts` (windows)

For Usage help, run:
`udacity-dl -h`

Example usage:
`udacity-dl -d /my/destination/path/ course_name(s)`

For the link: *ST095* is the course_name

`udacity-dl -d /my/destination/path/ ST095 cs222`

A few courses and their respective course names have been listed under


* Now downloads all available resources in wiki
* Skips already downloaded resources
* Proper naming of course and class contents
* No need of Udacity username and password
* Updated Courses list
* Fix class downloads with multiple section per unit

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
udacity-dl-1.2.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2016-05-04 5KB