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udiskie 1.7.3

Removable disk automounter for udisks

udiskie is a UDisks front-end that allows to manage removeable media such as CDs or flash drives from userspace. Its features include:

  • automount removable media
  • notifications
  • tray icon
  • command line tools for manual un-/mounting
  • LUKS encrypted devices
  • unlocking with keyfiles (requires udisks 2.6.4)
  • loop devices (mounting iso archives, requires UDisks2)
  • password caching (requires python keyutils 0.3)

All features can be indidually enabled or disabled.

NOTE: support for udisks1 and python2 is deprecated and will be discontinued in the next major version of udiskie.



Date: 13.12.2017

  • temporary workaround for udisks2.7 requiring filesystem-mount-system when trying to mount a LUKS cleartext device diretcly after unlocking


Date: 18.10.2017

  • officially deprecate udisks1
  • officially deprecate python2 (want python >= 3.5)
  • fix startup crash on py2
  • fix exception when inserting LUKS device if --password-prompt or udisks1 is used
  • fix minor problem with zsh autocompletion


Date: 02.10.2017

  • add an “open keyfile” button to the password dialog
  • add warning if mounting device without ntfs-3g (#143)
  • fix problem with LVM devices


Date: 26.03.2017

  • add joined device_config list in the config file
  • deprecate mount_options and ignore_device in favor of device_config
  • can configure automount per device using the new device_config [#107]
  • can configure keyfiles (requires udisks 2.6.4) [#66]
  • remove mailing list


Date: 06.03.2017

  • Show losetup/quit actions only in ex-menu
  • Show note in menu if no devices are found


Date: 24.02.2017

  • add format strings for the undocumented udiskie-info utility
  • speed up autocompletion times, for udiskie-mount by about a factor three, for udiskie-umount by about a factor 10


Date: 22.02.2017

  • fix crash on startup if config file is empty
  • add --notify-command to notify external programs (@jgraef) [#127]
  • can enable/disable automounting via special right-click menu [#98]
  • do not explicitly specify filesystem when mounting [#131]


Date: 03.06.2016

  • fix unicode issue that occurs on python2 when stdout is redirected (in particular for zsh autocompletion)


Date: 03.06.2016

  • make systray menu flat (use udiskie --tray --menu smart to request the old menu) [#119]
  • extend support for loop devices (requires UDisks2) [#101]
  • support ubuntu/unity AppIndicator backend for status icon [#59]
  • add basic utility to obtain info on block devices [#122]
  • add zsh completions [#26]
  • improve UI menu labels for devices
  • fix error when force-ejecting device [#121]
  • respect configured ignore-rules in udiskie-umount
  • fix error message for empty task lists [#123]


Date: 15.05.2016

  • log INFO events to STDOUT (#112)
  • fix exception in notifications when action is not available. This concerns the retry button in the job_failed notification, as well as the browse action in the device_mounted notification (#117)
  • don’t show ‘browse’ action in tray menu if unavailable


Date: 13.05.2016

  • protect password dialog against garbage collection (which makes the invoking coroutine hang up and not unlock the device)
  • fix add_all/remove_all operations: only consider leaf/root devices within the handleable devices hierarchy:
  • avoid considering the same device twice (#114)
  • makes sure every handleable device is considered at all in remove_all


Date: 11.05.2016

  • signal failing mount/unmount operations with non-zero exit codes (#110)
  • suppress notifications for unhandled devices
  • add rules for docker devices marking them unhandled to avoid excessive notifications (#113)
  • allow mounting/unmounting using UUID (#90)
  • prevent warning when starting without X session (#102)
  • can now match against wildcards in config rules (#49)


Date: 02.04.2016

  • add is_loop and loop_file properties for devices
  • fix recursive mounting of crypto devices (udiskie-mount)
  • prevent empty submenus from showing


Date: 09.02.2016

  • fix problem with setupscript if utf8 is not the default encoding
  • fix crash when starting without X
  • basic support for loop devices (must be enabled explicitly at this time)
  • fix handling of 2 more error cases


Date: 04.01.2016

  • fix typo that prevents the yaml config file from being used
  • fix problem with glib/gio gir API on slackware (olders versions?)
  • fix bug when changing device state (e.g. when formatting existing device or burning ISO file to device)
  • improve handling of race conditions with udisks1 backend
  • fix notifications for devices without labels


Date: 28.12.2015

  • cleanup recent bugfixes
  • close some gates for more py2/unicode related bugs


Date: 24.12.2015

  • fix another bug with unicode data on command line (py2)
  • slightly improve stack traces in async code
  • further decrease verbosity while removing devices


Date: 24.12.2015

  • fix too narrow dependency enforcement
  • make udiskie slightly less verbose in default mode


Date: 24.12.2015

  • fix bug with unicode data on python2
  • fix bug due to event ordering in udisks1
  • fix bug due to inavailability of device data at specific time


Date: 22.12.2015

  • fix regression in get_password_tty


Date: 19.12.2015

  • fix problem in SmartTray due to recent transition to async


Date: 19.12.2015

  • go async (with self-made async module for now, until gbulb becomes ready)
  • specify GTK/Notify versions to be imported (hence fix warnings and a problem for the tray icon resulting from accidentally importing GTK2)
  • add optional password caching


  • revert “respect the automount flag for devices”
  • make dependency on Gtk optional


  • use icon hints from udev settings in notifications
  • respect the automount flag for devices
  • don’t fail if libnotify is not available


  • add actions to “Device added” notification
  • allow to configure which actions should be added to notifications


  • fix unicode issue in setup script
  • update license/copyright notices


  • use UDisks2 by default
  • add –password-prompt command line argument and config file entry


  • fix password prompt for GTK2 (tray is still broken for GTK2)
  • fix minor documentation issues


  • add key device_id for matching devices rather than only file systems
  • improve documentation regarding dependencies


  • fix careless error in man page


  • implemented internationalization
  • added spanish translation
  • allow to choose icons from a configurable list


  • compatibility with older version of pygobject (e.g. in Slackware 14.1)


  • handle exception if no notification service is installed


  • fix crash when calling udiskie mount/unmount utilites without udisks1 installed


  • fix crash when calling udiskie without having udisks1 installed (regression)


  • port to PyGObject, removing dependencies on pygtk, zenity, dbus-python, python-notify
  • use a PyGObject based password dialog
  • remove –password-prompt parameter
  • rename command line parameters
  • add negations for all command line parameters


  • remove the ‘–filters’ parameter for good
  • change config format to YAML
  • change default config path to $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/udiskie/config.yml
  • separate ignore filters from mount option filters
  • allow to match multiple attributes against a device (AND-wise)
  • allow to overwrite udiskies default handleability settings
  • raise exception if –config file doesn’t exist
  • add –options parameter for udiskie-mount
  • simplify local installations


There are some backward incompatible changes, hence the version break:

  • command line parameter ‘-f’/’–filters’ renamed to ‘-C’/’–config’
  • add sections in config file to disable individual mount notifications and set defaults for some program options (udisks version, prompt, etc)
  • refactor udiskie.cli, udiskie.config and udiskie.tray
  • revert ‘make udiskie a namespace package’
  • add ‘Browse folder’ action to tray menu
  • add ‘Browse folder’ action button to mount notifications
  • add ‘–no-automounter’ command line option to disable automounting
  • add ‘–auto-tray’ command line option to use a tray icon that automatically disappears when no actions are available
  • show notifications when devices dis-/appear (can be disabled via config file)
  • show ‘id_label’ in tray menu, if available (instead of mount path or device path)
  • add ‘Job failed’ notifications
  • add ‘Retry’ button to failed notifications
  • remove automatic retries to unlock LUKS partitions
  • pass only device name to external password prompt
  • add ‘–quiet’ command line option
  • ignore devices ignored by udev rules


  • fix logging in
  • more verbose log messages (with time) when having -v on
  • fix mounting devices that are added as ‘external’ and later changed to ‘internal’ [udisks1] (applies to LUKS devices that are opened by an udev rule for example)

0.6.3 (bug fix)

  • fix exception in Mounter.detach_device if unable to detach
  • fix force-detach for UDisks2 backend
  • automatically use UDisks2 if UDisks1 is not available
  • mount unlocked devices only once, removes error message on UDisks2
  • mention __ignore__ in man page

0.6.2 (aesthetic)

  • add custom icons for the context menu of the system tray widget

0.6.1 (bug fix)

  • fix udisks2 external device detection bug: all devices were considered external when using Sniffer (as done in the udiskie-mount and udiskie-umount tools)

0.6.0 (udisks2 support, bug fix)

  • cache device states to avoid some race conditions
  • show filesystem label in mount/unmount notifications
  • retry to unlock LUKS devices when wrong password was entered twice
  • show ‘eject’ only if media is available (udisks1 ejects only in this case)
  • (un-) mount/lock notifications shown even when operations failed
  • refactor internal API
  • experimental support for udisks2

0.5.3 (feature, bug fix)

  • add ‘__ignore__’ config file option to prevent handling specific devices
  • delay notifications until termination of long operations

0.5.2 (tray icon)

  • add tray icon (pygtk based)
  • eject / detach drives from command line

0.5.1 (mainly internal changes)

  • use setuptools entry points to create the executables
  • make udiskie a namespace package

0.5.0 (LUKS support)

  • support for LUKS devices (using zenity for password prompt)
  • major refactoring
  • use setuptools as installer
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