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vcd-cli 20.2.0

VMware vCloud Director CLI

# vcd-cli

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`vcd-cli` is the Command Line Interface for VMware vCloud Director.

## Installation

In general `vcd-cli` can be installed with the following command:

$ pip install --user vcd-cli
Depending on your operating system and distribution you may need
additional packages to install successfully. See [](docs/
for full details.

## Quick Start

Below is a sample `vcd-cli` interaction with vCloud Director to create a virtual machine and start using it.

Detailed command syntax and usage can be found in the [vcd-cli site]( along with the [installation]( instructions.


$ vcd login org1 usr1 --password ******** -w -i
usr1 logged in, org: 'org1', vdc: 'vdc1'

$ vcd catalog create catalog1
task: 893bff31-4bf6-48a6-84b8-55cee97e8349, Created Catalog catalog1(cc0a2b88-9e5a-4391-936f-df6e7902504b), result: success

$ vcd catalog upload catalog1 photon-custom-hw11-2.0-304b817.ova
upload 113,169,920 of 113,169,920 bytes, 100%
property value
---------- ----------------------------------
file photon-custom-hw11-2.0-304b817.ova
size 113207424

$ vcd vapp create vapp1 --catalog catalog1 --template photon-custom-hw11-2.0-304b817.ova \
--network net1 --accept-all-eulas
task: 0f98685a-d11c-41d0-8de4-d3d4efad183a, Created Virtual Application vapp1(8fd8e774-d8b3-42ab-800c-a4992cca1fc2), result: success

$ vcd vapp list
isDeployed isEnabled memoryAllocationMB name numberOfCpus numberOfVMs ownerName status storageKB vdcName
------------ ----------- -------------------- ------ -------------- ------------- ----------- ---------- ----------- ---------
true true 2048 vapp1 1 1 usr1 POWERED_ON 16777216 vdc1

$ vcd vapp info vapp1
property value
--------------------------- -------------------------------------
name vapp1
owner ['usr1']
status Powered on
vapp-net-1 net1
vapp-net-1-mode bridged
vm-1: 1 virtual CPU(s) 1
vm-1: 2048 MB of memory 2,048
vm-1: Hard disk 1 17,179,869,184 byte
vm-1: Network adapter 0 DHCP:
vm-1: computer-name PhotonOS-001
vm-1: password ********

$ ssh root@

The OVA used in the example can be downloaded with the command:

$ wget
## Documentation

See the [vcd-cli site]( for detailed documentation and installation instructions.

Please note that this project is under development, the commands, parameters and options might change over time.

`vcd-cli` uses [pyvcloud]( "Title"), the Python SDK for VMware vCloud Director. It requires Python 3.

Previous versions and deprecated code can be found in this repository under [tag 19.2.3](

## Development

If you want to develop, follow these steps:
* Fork the repository
* Clone the forked respoitory
* Install vcd-cli from the local sources `pip3 install --user -e vcd-cli/`
* Add the path `~/.local/bin` to the PATH

If you change the source, it is directly accessible with the `vcd` command

## Contributing

The `vcd-cli` project team welcomes contributions from the community. Before you start working with `vcd-cli`, please read our [Developer Certificate of Origin]( All contributions to this repository must be signed as described on that page. Your signature certifies that you wrote the patch or have the right to pass it on as an open-source patch. For more detailed information, refer to [](

## License


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