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vcspull 1.0.3

synchronize your repos

vcspull - synchronize your repos. built on libvcs

Manage your commonly used repos from YAML / JSON manifest(s). Compare to myrepos.

Great if you use the same repos at the same locations across multiple machines or want to clone / update a pattern of repos without having to cd into each one.

  • clone /update to the latest repos with $ vcspull
  • use filters to specify a location, repo url or pattern in the manifest to clone / update
  • supports svn, git, hg version control systems
  • automatically checkout fresh repositories
  • Documentation and Examples.
  • supports pip-style URL’s (RFC3986-based url scheme)

how to

add repos to ~/.vcspull.yaml

  flask: "git+"
  awesome: 'git+git://'
  libds: 'git+'
    repo: 'git+'
      tony: 'git+ssh://'

see the author’s .vcspull.yaml, more examples.

on future machines, you just copy your $HOME/.vcspull.yaml file or $HOME/.vcspull/ directory into your machine and you can begin cloning. vcspull automatically handles building nested directories.

clone / update your repos

$ vcspull

keep nested VCS repositories updated too, lets say you have a mercurial or svn project with a git dependency:

external_deps.yaml in your project root, (can be anything):

  sdl2pp: 'git+'

clone / update repos:

$ vcspull -c external_deps.yaml

See the Quickstart for more.

filter options

if you have many repos in your .vcspull.{json,yaml} files to clone or update, use this to target by directory, repo name or vcs url. supports fnmatch patterns

# any repo starting with "fla"
$ vcspull "fla*"
# any repo with django in the name
$ vcspull "*django*"

# search by vcs + url
# since urls are in this format <vcs>+<protocol>://<url>
$ vcspull "git+*"

# any git repo with python in the vcspull
$ vcspull "git+*python*

# any git repo with django in the vcs url
$ vcspull "git+*django*"

# all repositories in your ~/code directory
$ vcspull "$HOME/code/*"


Your donations fund development of new features, testing and support. Your money will go directly to maintenance and development of the project. If you are an individual, feel free to give whatever feels right for the value you get out of the project.

See donation options at

More information

Python support Python 2.7, >= 3.3
VCS supported git(1), svn(1), hg(1)
Config formats YAML, JSON, python dict
Test Coverage
Open Hub
License BSD.
git repo
$ git clone
install dev
$ git clone vcspull
$ cd ./vcspull
$ virtualenv .venv
$ source .venv/bin/activate
$ pip install -e .
$ py.test
$ vcspull
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
vcspull-1.0.3.tar.gz (md5) Source 2016-12-20 19KB