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verchew 1.1

System dependency version checker.

…chews through your system dependencies, spitting out incompatible

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When onboarding new team members, ensuring their computer has everything needed to work on the project can be painful. Verchew is a command-line program and embeddable Python script to check the versions of your project’s system dependencies. Its only external dependency is any Python interpreter, which should already be installed on macOS and most Linux-based operating systems.



  • Python 2.7+ or Python 3.3+


Install verchew with pip:

$ pip install verchew

or directly from the source code:

$ git clone
$ cd verchew
$ python install

or embedded the script in your project using this guide.


Create a configuration file (.verchew.ini) containing your project’s system dependencies:

[Working Program]

cli = working-program
version = 1.2.

[Newer Working Program]

cli = working-program
version =  4.

[Broken Program]

cli = broken-program
version = 1.2.3

[Missing Program]

cli = missing-program
version = 1.2.3

Run verchew to see if you have the expected versions installed:

$ verchew

Checking for Working Program...

$ working-program --version
✔ MATCHED: 1.2.

Checking for Newer Working Program...

$ working-program --version

Checking for Broken Program...

$ broken-program --version
An error occurred.
✘ EXPECTED: 1.2.3

Checking for Missing Program...

$ missing-program --version
sh: command not found: missing-program
✘ EXPECTED: 1.2.3

Results: ✔ ✘ ✘ ✘

Revision History

1.1 (2017/05/17)

  • Added --init command to generate a sample configuration file.

1.0 (2017/01/09)

  • Initial stable release.

0.5 (2016/11/02)

  • Added --exit-code option to return non-zero exit codes on failure.

0.4 (2016/10/20)

  • Added support for custom version arguments.
  • Fixed handling of internal versions matches.

0.3 (2016/10/18)

  • Added support for detecting missing and broken programs.

0.2.1 (2016/10/18)

  • Now stripping whitespace after calling --version on a program.

0.2 (2016/10/17)

  • Added --version command.

0.1 (2016/10/17)

  • Initial release.
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